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鲁迅Lu Xun's Will


Lu Xun 鲁迅 (1881-1936), had been a great man in modern Chinese literature. I admire his unforgiving nature. Master  Lu had been considered as one of the most influential writers during those tumultuous years. Together with other scholars, he was associated with the May Fouth Movement, 五四运动 by which China was hurled forward into the threshold of discarding the practice and mindset of ancient and diabolical feudalism.  His works of 狂人日记 A Madman's Diary (1918),and 阿Q正传 The True Story of Ah Q (1921) stunned the world of modern Chinese literacy. Till this day Lu Xun remained as one of the most revered writers of modern Chinese literature.

Alan Kok

My Will

I have always thought of writing my own will before it is too late; if I were to be of royal breed or hailed from noble family, my son and my son-in-law would had pressured me into writing my will years ago. Right now no one is interested, but I might as well leave one over my drenched bones. I had some points brewing in my head earlier; they are gathered mainly for my direct family. Here are some advices and instructions that I want them to be strictly adhered to when I leave this forgettable world:-

  1. Do not receive any alms or donations of any kind from anybody for the sake of raising money for my funeral. Exceptions may be granted to few close friends.
  2. Carry out the process of disposing the body and burial quickly.
  3. Don’t be silly to erect anything in memory of me.
  4. Care for your own self and forget me. If you ever failed to forget me, you are nothing but a foolish worm. (Hu Du Zhon)
  5. If the kid grows up lacking intelligence, just let him be a normal layman, earning a small income to fend for him. Never pretend or profess to be a smart writer or artist.
  6. Do not believe in any promises, they are bound to be empty.
  7. Stay far away from those who propound forgiveness and oppose vengeance, yet spare no effort in hurting others.
Besides this, I have other points to ponder, yet I can’t remember them now. I do recollect when I felt hot and uncomfortable, linking to those verses I read about the dying moments of some famous European characters. On their death beds, they always asked to be forgiven and thence forgave their enemies. That’s not my style. I have too many heinous and  despicable enemies hiding in the dark hating me hell! I will tell them, go on hating me as I will not forgive them the least over my dead body!

Lu Xun 鲁迅
Remarks: Original text – Nanyang Siang Pau, Malaysia
, Dec 21st 2006.
Translated By Kok Alan 

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