Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Rice Miller, Cat and Barn Mice


A rice miller was quite disturbed as his storage barn had been infested with mice ! So he bought a domestic cat and kept it there at the warehouse to check the growth of the menance. The second day, the cat caught a small mouse and proudly presented to the boss - the miller. The fat man just tossed a left over of a fish with only bones left on the floor as the reward for the hungry cat, saying: You only caught a small mouse, so you only deserve fish bones. The following day, the cat saw another mouse came to help itself the rice in the mill. It got wise up and thought: If I go on catching the small sized mouse, I still would be getting fish bones and left over. I'd wait till the mouse get bigger in size, then only I would be rewarded with bigger fish. So the mouse had a good time and grew bigger and fatter. Weeks later the cat felt that it's time for action. It pounded on the fat and succulent mouse and promptly surrender it to the rice miller.The boss was very happy and without hesitation rewarded the cat with two large fish. From that day onwards, the cat kept the mice there happy consuming the rice stock. Though alternate days the miller got glimpses of the mice the cat caught, he was puzzled why his stock of grain were becoming less and less.

The remarks: Very often we were fooled by the superficial and not knowing the hidden facts. That resulted us not realising what actually went wrong. One could be nonchalant just listening to lies.
The moral behind the short story:
The rice miller is like the government, the cat is the minister, the mice are like the corrupted govenment officials. It was because the attitude of the cat, the corrupted mice became fatter and daring. The practice of corruption became widespread, serious and uncontrollable. And worst, the government never knew what went wrong. It had been in the dark all the time and it lacked the initiative to find the cause. Red tapes and bureaucracy became part of civil service's procedure. The miller and the cat, just like the government and the minister, would not work on small cases that didn't promise return and reward. The situation became rampant that when small problem snow-balled to become huge disaster, then only they hurriedly set up royal commission, inquest, and police and MACC investigation. In the process to show that they meant business, more monies were spent. The most significant example is the PKFZ scandal and fracas. In the political arena, the mice are getting fatter and larger, while the cat is busy collecting rewards.

Article translated by
Alan CY Kok

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