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French singer/dancer Alizee sings La Isla Bonita

Song to appreciate and enjoy for your listening pleasure


        Alizee as a teenager

French singer/dancer Alizee sings La Isla Bonita

The quick tempo and fast paced Latin song La Isla Bonita was made a popular number among the trendy listeners and pop culture followers in the 80s by Madonna. Though her stage antics then were considered outrageous during that time, Madonna’s fame had been surpassed by the emergence of Lady Gaga currently as the weirdest dressed performance artiste. I will not stray too far away from the topic I want to present today, viz. Alizee sings La Isla Bonita


Now let us listen to sensational French charming songster Alizee belting out this catchy Latin number in English to thrill us with her sweet voice and her sensuous body movement. Alizee was born as Alizee Jacotey on August 21st 1984. She had been known better in her early years as a dancer as she had enrolled in a renowned dance school for her training since aged 5 in Corsica, France. Her graceful and natural stance with her gyrating and swaying body movement stood the best testimony of her years of training. Crowds went wild and ecstatic just watching her dancing and singing. Her sexy sweet look and natural flair for creating a reveling ambience helped to bring this song to be a great hit. Her craze smitten fans would have cried for more of her songs before  her  encore.                                                                                                                                                   

This music video was tastefully produced at a large semi-circle performance stage with back drops of four guitarists and a bongo drummer at the rear. Two further diligent Flamenco guitarists were flanking her, strummed with their might on their instruments, thus added some impressive essence for the lively show. Alizee is married to her fellow French singer husband Jeremy Chatelain in 2003. Since then she had a daughter name Annilly.

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