Friday, 15 April 2011

Satirical comic artiste Zhu Der Yon telling us what's life.

 看完後 , 相信你也會有所感觸 .....
Meaningful comics...after you've read,
you'll feel the impact of the content.

with Translation as you scroll further:

 I skydived down 11 floors from here...........



I skydived down 11 floors from here............

at 10th floor, I saw an usually loving couple fighting,

at 9th floor, I saw strong willed Peter sobbing,

at 8th floor, I saw Ah Y Mei caught her fiance on the bed with her 
best friend.

at 7th floor, I saw Dan Dan swollowing anti-depression pills.

at 6th floor, I saw Ah Sin going through 7 sets of newspapers, looking for employment.

at 5th floor, I saw the respectable teacher Wang putting on his wife's lingerie.

at 4th floor, I saw Rose and her man at each other's throats to settle
for a separation.

at 3rd floor, I saw Uncle Y yearning for visitors.

at 2nd floor, I saw Lily starring at her wedding pic when her husband
had gone missing 6 months after her marriage.

Before I jumped, I thought I had the most problems in life and
I was most miserable. Now I had witnessed the problems and
suffering of my neighbours, I felt that I fared ain't that bad
after all.

                                   Re-enactment pic

Now they were looking down from their windows, watching me
lying there on the ground motionlessly. After they witnessed
what had happened to me, they might be thinking that their
plights, problems, suffering and miseries were'nt that bad
after all.


We keep hearing from wise people of the past telling us:

So long one's alive, live a life that's
complacent, contented and be happy.
What say you?

古有明訓 :
活在當下 , 知足常樂 !你說是嗎 ?

Translated by
Alan CY Kok

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