Thursday, 19 May 2011

My Ghostly Encounter in Beijing

                   The North Gate a.k.a. Gate of The Divine Prowess

My Ghostly Encounter in Beijing
A few years ago, my wife and I embarked on our maiden journey to the ancient city of Beijing, China, for an eight-day tour. We were awed by the historical splendor of the heritage buildings, temples, relics and ruins, museums and other tourism related hot spots there. One must visit the Imperial Palace of The Forbidden City to consider this tour of Beijing complete as the UNESCO-declared World Heritage site itself is an important landmark of China.

I would never anticipate to come face to face
with a ghostly figure like this in Beijing!
Towards the end of the tour, our group of excited Malaysians was heading for the Northern Gate a.k.a. Gate of Divine Prowess to exit the crowded place. Whilst some still surrounded the tour guide for more information regarding the Palace Museum, I went to look for a toilet before boarding the bus. I knew very well the traffic jam in Beijing could delay us before reaching our next destination, so a toilet stop could be a very long wait.
                           Side view of The Gate of Divine Prowess
I found a very old toilet that catered for thousands of visitors daily. Rows and rows of half partition boards lined the darkened drains of the public toilet. As I stood at one of the narrow cubicles to ease myself while standing precariously, I caught a glimpse of a moving object at the next cubicle.
It was a round thing like a hat with flowing hair or threads, black and blue in colour, and there was a silvery sharpened object in the middle. Amidst confusion and half-fear and in semi-darkness, I shouted ‘Kui, ah!’ (Ghost in Mandarin) Almost immediately the unknown object stood up, holding his pants, equally disturbed with an anxious expression, asking me in quick succession: Na Li? Nali? (Where? Where?)

 A Western man dressed in a
Qing Dynasty palace guard regalia
He was none other than a modern day palace guard, fully dressed in Qing regalia to pose for shots with tourists to earn his living. The unidentified thing I saw was his head gear. I had a good hearty laugh.
Alan CY Kok

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