Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Very sorry, my desktop PC breaks down, so no new post.

Hi there,

Many apologies to my faithful followers and readers of my blog; looks like there isn't much new posts for May 2011. What a shame! It's all because my old faithful desktop PC crashed and I had no access to many
files I saved in it. It's already more than 10 days and I still couldn't get it restored to its former glory. On the
comforting side, I didn't let the bad saga bog me down; I'd since written some write ups and stories for your reading pleasure. Let me get myself organised and I will post them soon after editing. Many thanks to you folks out there! Have good times ahead, remain happy and healthy as always. Regards from me to you!

Alan CY Kok

                                Just looking at this harmonious pair
                                           will make your day better

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