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Dream Analysis

                       Haunting scene in a pale moonlight lit ambience

Being chased relentlessly, unable to find a toilet, falling down from a high-rise building, losing a tooth, etc. is something we dread of in our daily life. Yet it is common amongst millions to have their dreams in such menacing situations that they would have awakened in sweltering shock and discomfort. What could we say about the dreams, what did the dreams tell us, something going to happen? Good or bad omens, were they avoidable? Or were they just predicting a déjà vu kind of scene that one would experience later? Nightmares and bad dreams could be analyzed and explained, fairly easily and accurate, according to well-known psychologist Wally Arthur of England, as reported by The Daily Mirror, UK.

     Fairyland like dreams are portrayed in "Alice in Wonderland"

Arthur had studied and analyzed more than 100,000 dreams for the past 30 years. He discovered that dreams were very much related to reality lives; it was important to understand and be able to know the cause of the dreams, so as to solve any forth coming danger, crisis or untoward predicament.

                     The worst nighmare kids could have dreamt of,
                         but moms would never believe their stories
It meant that one was in dire straits and was not bold enough to face the challenge in real life if he dreamt that he was chased down the road to an abrupt end! How frightening! Arthur explained that the dreamer should sort out his problems, find the cause, and face the challenge upfront to remove hurdles. The final straw lies in the dreamer; he should seek redress on his own effort and make positive moves before more challenges come confronting him.

                  Undisturbed sleep with sweet dreams entices good health
How do you like it to find yourself naked with nothing on to cover your modesty in the public? That is going to be downright embarrassing and absolutely perplexed. Mind you, this happened to lots of people, but few dared to confide in friends’ because they worried being ridiculed or mocked at. This awful dream could be analyzed that the dreamer did not possess sufficient sense of comfort and security, especially in new work place. One should be daring enough to share with others his own opinion, like making suggestion or even when making decision in a company, even he was just one newbie. One must not harbor inhibition to express his idea or view pertaining to decision making in a corporate entity.

                  Animals also dream of good life with plenty
                  of food and booze,  hoho! You believe that?

Loosing a tooth or growing a pair of vampire canine teeth? That was common alright, according to Arthur. If one dreamt that one of his teeth was loose and shaking from the gum, well, it meant that he had lost confident in his own self; losing the tooth altogether? It meant that he was quite shaken and worried about the worst yet to come. Growing a pair of Count Dracula’s signature canine teeth? It was not too bad, instead it just meant one relied too much on others for sense of security.

Dreaming of impending, imminent accident scene? Trying to slow down yet the vehicle could not respond to your braking! The dream could be analyzed that the dreamer was in a cross road, uncertain what to do next, he was always puzzled and lost, and was in dilemma. It was always linked to one’s prospect in a work place or when one was pondering to start a new life elsewhere. The analyzer suggested the dreamer should face the challenge upfront to do what he deemed fit to do; he must not yield easily without endeavor.   

Missing the toilet thing so badly? Oh my, that was too crucial! Needing to queue for use of the toilet? Lots of the lady folks dreamt that. Wally Arthur explained that the dream often meant that it was some secret the dreamer dreaded to reveal. Dreamt of queuing meant one put own benefit ahead of others. He should place his need behind other’s so as to gain peace in his sleep.

A real nightmare is going to happen!

Falling down from higher ground did happen to lots of high positioned people like bosses and CEOs. It was a sign the dreamer harbored fear of losing grip of control over his company. Arthur advised that the top brass persons who had these perennial dreams should learn and apply the corporate senses. They should know how to share burdens, work loads, and to delegate functions to trustworthy staff; not to over encumber himself with unnecessary pressure. Relaxation was paramount to good health. 

Release oneself from pressurized situation; find solace in spiritual environment, emulate the birds’ free-flying in one’s thinking and though-shapes. Seek new opportunity from release of suffering, one would find immense success. Subsequently sound sleep and total annihilation of bad dreams would follow.  

Article translate by Alan CY Kok
From a report published in the Oriental Daily News, Malaysia.

One biblical story tells: The Egyptian Pharaoh dreamt that he saw 7 healthy cows in his garden, and shortly after another 7 emaciated, skinny, dying cows at the same ground. He dreamt that over and over again. The Pharaoh demanded his dream to be analyzed and interpreted. Eventually one dream analyzer risked his life to tell the king, in a soothsayer’s tone:
              The Pharaoh went berserk after learning that famine
                   and disaster would soon besiege his kingdom

It meant that the past 7 bountiful and good harvest years of the Pharaoh’s rule would be followed by 7 years of draught and famine and thence widespread hardcore poverty befallen upon the people under his regime. The Pharaoh was utterly vexed and flew into a rage. Unfortunately that was the true picture as analyzed and predicted by the soothsayer. The dream analyzer’s life.... was he spared? Your guess was as good as mine.

The short anecdote was portrayed in a captivating movie in 1962 named:
                  Joseph and his brethren”

Alan CY Kok

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