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Jangan Ada Dusta di Antara Kita

                    Broery Marantika - Legendary singer/actor of Indonesia

It is time to sit back, relax and rejoice for what we have in life, and enjoy one wonderfully melodious ballade brought to us by some distinguished songsters from our neighboring country – Indonesia.

Broery's Music CD covers

Yes, Indonesia not only provides Malaysia an enormous supply of human resources in the fields of construction and development projects, domestic services as well as entertainment varieties too. Broery Marantika and Dewi Yull are the two immensely popular Indonesia artistes I will like to highlight in this post for my blog. Since most of the Malay populace claim akin to Indonesia as having same ethnical root, Broery and Yull’s phenomenal acceptance by Malaysian fans does not constitute a surprise to our pop scene. After all it was their exuberant and vibrant display of showmanship that stunned the audience.

The matching pair of Indonesian song birds

Broery Pesulima, (1948-2000) more popularly known as Broery Marantika, hailed from Ambun, Maluku where he was born; though throughout his musical career, he was active in and around Jakarta. Broery who died in 2000, left an indelible legacy of charismatic songs to millions of his fans in South East Asia, like Widuri, Jangan Ada Dusta di Antara Kita, Senja di Kuala Lumpur, and Mengapa Harus Jumpa and many more. Broery Marantika was once married to Malaysian pop diva Anita Sarawak but their union did not last. He was a handsome, popular actor and singer of Indonesia during the 1970s and the 80s. Unfortunately he died at his prime at age 52. Critics commented that his rendition of ‘Widuri’ was stronger and more impressive than Bob Tutupoli’s, who first sang the wonder hit. Broery delivered the super hit song ‘Widuri” as solo and as duet with Dewi Yull with a soothing background of orchestral musical works. He had the ‘Matt Monroe’ singing style of the 60s and 70s for which the audience were mesmerized by his natural and smooth presentation.

                                A middle aged looking Dewi Yull

Dewi Yull (Born 1961) had been the regular stage partner of Broery whenever they teamed up for their performance. She hailed from West Java and had been singing since 1977 when she was 17. Perhaps it was their tacit stage understanding and feeling for each other, when they sang the immensely popular song ‘Jangan ada dusta di antara kita’ we could see that they displayed blatantly their passion for one another. That augurs well as the song had strong elements of romantic ambience. As the song went by one could see Broery gazed at Yull lovingly as he delivered the ballade flawlessly. Yull meanwhile had no inhibition in touching him lingeringly, holding his arm and even rested her head on his left shoulder while he continued singing. They ended the duet with perfect timing and were seen holding hands to acknowledge the applause from the audience. They were already in their middle age when they staged this performance; Broery was in his 50s as he spotted a suave, well trimmed moustache. We do not see such stage shows with blaring body language in Malaysia anymore. Perhaps Indonesia is more liberal in the artistes’ rhetoric for live performance.

                         Dewi Yull at her prime presented in a poster

Broery and Yull sang Jangan ada dusta di antara kita with the backing of a full board band. However one must not forget to acknowledge the superb melody work played by a cool bespectacled acoustic guitarist; especially during the interludes, the classic notes were striking more distinctively that the listeners would have cried for more. It had always been a joyous pleasure to watch and listen to this video clip. So sit back and relax, just click on this URL, you will love it:

Alan CY Kok

The Lyrics:-

Jangan ada dusta di antara kita

Ketika pertama kujumpa denganmu
Bukankah pernah kutanyakan padamu kasih
Takkan kecewakah kau pada diriku
Takkan menyesalkah kau hidup denganku kasih

Memang kau bukan yang pertama bagiku
Pernah satu hati mengisi hidupku dulu
Dan kini semua kau katakan padaku
Jangan ada dusta di antara kita kasih

Semua terserah padamu aku begini adanya
Kuhormati keputusanmu, apapun yang akan
Kau katakan, sebelum terlanjur kita jauh
Melangkah, kau katakan saja

Brief Translation:

The first moment I met you
Didn’t I ask you my love
Please don’t be disappointed with me, my love
Please don’t regret your living with me, my love

Surely you aren’t the first love for me
Ever the one love that fills my life
And right this moment whatever you say
In between us, let there be no lies, my love

All I leave them to you like this love we have
I respect whatever decision you make
Whatever you say, before we proceed further
What you say does matter most.

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