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Billionaires who couldn’t live long enough to enjoy their wealth

Close to 30 years of economic reform, China
is now more a capitalist than a socialist nation.

                                Millionaire galore can be seen everywhere
                      every now and then to see who are the new, rich people  

Zong QinHou, reputed to be the richest man of China

This man is one of the 50 richest-Chen Guang Biao 陳光標, a well-known philanthropist.
Wealth doesn’t guarantee wealthy persons longevity, according to finding of statistics gathered from reports of media analysis, China since 2003. So far 72 multi-billionaires could not live long enough to enjoy their wealth as they died comparatively early due to different fate and their misadventures. It was reported since 2003, 15 of the super rich members of their clique were murdered, 17 of them died of suicide, 7 of them had their lives ended in accidents, 14 of them received a bullet each at the back of their head in public executions, and 19 of them succumbed to illness. All of them had their lives ended before 50.

Wealthy women snobbishly showing off their expensive taste

According to reports from The New Culture Post, amongst the 19 billionaires who died of sickness, 9 of them suffered acute chronic coronary disease and 7 of them were diagnosed with incurable cancers. Their average age at death was just 48 years. One of them the well known group managing director of Shanghai’s Central Zhon Fa Electric Power Energy Incorporated Nan Min  died when he was just 37 years old.

            Convicts went on a parade before meeting their final fate 
In ShanXi City, the vice-president of Jin Far and the deputy MD of ST Jin Far, Xi Khai committed suicide due to his long suffering of depression. In the city of ShangXi The JinLong Rare Earth and Clay Products manufacturing lost their group MD Zhau Ern Long when he leaped to his death from a high rise building. So did the Central Sugar Group MD Phan Kue Xiong. They were two of the 17 who committed suicide due to their inability to confront a bleak future for their business empire. They were dismally desolate about their financial affairs as they both had blindly expanded their conglomerates too fast too big. They were unable to cope with the mounting pressure of all sorts and chose death as the only way out.

                                  Repent or you will be.........

It was death by murders, 15 of them comprised of 20.8% of the total death for these unfortunate billionaires. Beneath each death there was always a bloody story to unravel and tell. This included the killing of HaiJin Steel mill group MD Li Hai Zhang who was shot at point blank at his office. For Beijing’s Zu Bao Leather Apparel Integrated Market Ltd. MD Zhou Zu Bao, he was ambushed and hacked to death with a machete by a hired assassin due to a breach of a business partnership with an old associate.
                         To save time and effort, mass execution is common
                          families complained that convicts were not told their
                          internal organs would be taken out for transplants

                        The poor woman was not a millionaire but a drug mule
                                       I'm sorry as this is a disturbing picture
On September 25th 2009, the MD of Inner Mongolia’s Qi Thye Fashion and Dresses Ltd Yin Qian Min was kidnapped whilst on the way to work. It was most tragic that his family members did not know the fact that he had been buried alive at the time they handed RMB2.4 million to the kidnappers.

                      Hangman's loop is there to serve as a reminder

As for those billionaires executed for their various heinous crimes by the authority, their age average was just 48 years. Most of them were involved in drugs and human trafficking, money laundry, smuggling, corruption and bribery, illegal gathering of funds from the public, and massive cheating etc. One of them, 61 year old Wu Dien Xi, group MD of JiaXong Food Industries Ltd was sentenced to death for raping 24 under aged girls. Salaciously dirty old man Wu believed that by doing so, he could stay young and live a little bit longer. He ended up leaving the world earlier with a single gun shot aimed at his head.

                                     Temptation of money is always there
                                                     Wealth is so alluring    
                    Yeah, Worldly Justice is what the world needs
                                          though it is so high sounding
Footnote: Nowadays certain districts of China carries out executions by injecting toxic venom into the condemned prisoners to make it more humane.

Article translated by
 Alan CY Kok           
From a report published in
SinChew Press, July 2011

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