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World Class Racing - is 1Malaysia team ready for that? Or is it just trying its luck?

                               Impressive Lotus Evora - fierce runner      
                       Yearning to own one? The fearsome Ferrari 612 GTO     

Concerned citizens of Malaysia will be shocked to know that it needs a whooping one billion ringgit per year to finance the project of Malaysian BN government’s latest and boldest move, the launching of 1Malaysia F1 Team. The team is formed in a haste so as to put Malaysia firmly on the world map, as according to the former PM. As if Malaysia is not prominent enough in the world scene with so many scandals involving millions of misused funds, failed and abandoned projects, gravely corrupted leaders, past loud mouthed and belligerent PM with a penchant for fast cars, and the latest, the incomplete probe into the PKFZ’s stolen billions, we are all set to add another element of laughing stalk into the arena of world event watchers. With the expenditure of RM1000 millions per year, (RM1 billion), just to jump start the project until implementation, that is an awful lot of money to dispense with. Apart from that it gives vent for future possibility of corruptions, just waiting to happen. MACC will have to get themselves ready for big and vigorous actions soon. But one big question everybody on the streets will inevitably ask: Where will the funds come from?

Is Petronas willing to fund the F1 Dream Project for Malaysia?

Funding for the 1Malaysia F1 Team (F1 Dream Team) did not poise a problem. The treasury of the nation will handle that; after all the current PM would have got the Economic Planning Unit of his ministry to do a feasibility study, and he endorsed it. It was his idea anyway. Of course we would have thought so; the bulk of the funds would have come from Petronas, the reluctant player in this project. Who else? The confrontal and vestigial former PM Dr M who is F1 crazy jumped at the chance to proclaim his strong support for the matter in the midst of near oblivion.

                          A very tempting adult's toy - Lexus LF-A Sports

Transparency International chairman Paul Liu in September 23rd, 2009 told the press that in Asia alone, it costs a huge RM140billion per years to feed the insatiable thirst of the corrupted ones, and Malaysia is an active player, it leads country like Indonesia in dirty money chasing and seeking. With China, India, and Singapore marching proudly to recover
from the global recession, Malaysia fares so badly among the Asean countries; we can take comfort to know that Thailand is not doing that well either. Singapore, according to StarBiz news, (23rd Sept.’09) is expecting a 5% growth forecast, and a 3.5% rate in the following year. So do we need to have the F1 racing team to entice our national pride? Imaging, throwing away hard earned money of RM1 billion per year to gain notoriety as simpletons will not get Malaysia anywhere in supremacy and prominence.
Senna and his Lotus, it broke down in the race track during a practice

                        Train these Bedouin children into world class swimmers,  
                         is it possible? Is swimming part of their culture?               

Traditionally only few European nations are fit to be real players of F1 race in terms of engine development, technical knowledge, almost unlimited funding from staunch sponsors, a population of frenzied fans to support the extreme sport, viz. they are The United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and France. These countries had been actively involved in the development of fast speed motor engines since the beginning of the 20th century, when their countrymen discovered the excitement of riding in fast moving vehicles. Together they have more than two hundred and fifty years of superb engine making; the enormous effort put up by their engineers are remarkable and astounding. That is why F1 cars of their caliber always win at the GP circuits year after year. Giant car manufacturers like Honda and Toyota, and Ford (now out of F1 race.) have their F1 team centres based in England as the country is well known for its vast experience, technical support, up-to-date research laboratories, and diligent scientists and engineers (for more efficient fuel and race track conditioning).

                       The former PM was very proud of his effort in
                             thrusting Malaysia into heavy industry

Though the US is no more active in F1 racing with their proud brand name of Ford, they have nothing to lose as the country has its own Indianapolis 500 and Daytona GP NASCAR races which attract millions of fans among its own citizens and from abroad. The Malaysian BN government looks set to build a 1Malaysia F1 team centre in Sepang to house its engine development and research centre, warehouse, a manufacturing plant for the race cars, fuel and tyre  laboratories, and a training centre to groom the aspiring Malaysian racers. It is going to be a huge establishment if the authority is going ahead what is brewing in their mind. It is unthinkable to be aware of the magnitude of failure if things do not work the favorable way.

                                   Shall Malaysian Police Force emulate their
                                  Italian counterpart? acquiring these running
                                         power horses to go after bad hats!

                            7 times F1 World Champ Michael Schumacher
                                        beaming with joy at his victory
Michael Schumacher was not a Mat Rempit but an ace F1 driver. His manoeuvre in the race track was carried out with meticulous calculation and caution, with more than 70 appearances on track experience to his credential and name. Schumacher is an epoch making F1 racer who spent 11years with Team Ferrari and a 7 times world champion. Prior to his stint with F1 he was taking part in go-kart racing! Legendary F1 star Aryton Sena paid for his dear life for his love of this extreme sport in San Marino’s Imalo GP way back in 1994. Allen Prost of France, another distinguished ace driver was nicked name “The Professor” for his detailed knowledge of every race, which included the weather and track conditions, rival drivers’ ethics, race engines, and the right timing to enter the pit stops etc. 
                              USA's own firebrand in Nascar track race

In England, aspiring and ambitious young people enter training institutes that will transform them into ace racers. They are taught power mechanics, theory of dynamics, mechanical and electronic engineering, and of course mental readiness. They will try their hands on go-kart racing, gradually work their ways up and be selected into F3, F3000, A1 and of course some outstanding graduands will be absorbed into BMW, Renault and Mercedes F1 teams as race drivers, with luck lurking and lots of effort put in. TY Tay, the deputy chief editor of SinChew Press wrote that with availability of funds and lots of desperate zeal could not be sufficient to realize the dream of forming a totally Malaysian owned, idealistic 1Malaysia F1 race team. It has got something to do with culture of the Malaysian people. TY Tay likened the case to that of training Bedouin desert kids from Northern Africa to be world class swimmers in the US, even they have never swum in their life before. The desert children who grow up in tents in their homeland have themselves trained relentlessly for 10 hrs a day, everyday for 10 years! Still no one can expect them to win any medal in the Olympics, for the simple fact that swimming has never been part of their cultural activities!

                     Daytona and Indy500 race are major events
                                 in Nascar racing in the US,
                      attracting millions of fans and enthusiates 
              Do you see such massive crowd at Sepang F1 ground?

Launching the 1Malaysia F1 project entails the recruitment of foreign staffers as the country
obviously is short of hands in this very specialized field. The race team shall need a pit stop support group, public relation officers, media liaison personnel, marketing and sales executives, research technicians and engineers, safety officers, race directors, managers for various departments and a horde of advisors too. With many foreigners employed to carry out the gargantuan task to make the 1Malaysia F1 dream team viable is going to be exhaustive and demanding, both in financial resource and pressure. With the large number of foreigners employed who work for the money but not loyalty to the nation, do you think it is fit to be called a Malaysian effort? The country can not afford to make it a trial and error attempt as an enormous amount of money is involved. The general response from the public draws laughter and jest, knowing the fact that it is going to be a flop right from the start. We are going to draw further sneer and negative attention from other countries. Some citizens have already lamented the chance of failing to finish the race during the maiden run, let alone be the top three teams at the podium. It is too far a goal to reach even Malaysia has been manufacturing  own brand name Proton vehicles for the past twenty years. By utilizing so much monies to launch the 1Malaysia F1 project without first hand knowledge it will be deemed impractical and a disastrous joke . It is known that Malaysia is resurrecting the running power horse of Lotus to modern day F1 engine. The country is too recalcitrant to admit that it had been a British product and was out of Formula racing for the past decades. The country’s leaders who launched such projects took it like child play, they defended themselves and cried out loudly: “It is just F1 racing, as simple as that! Why are you complaining?”

Article written by
Alan CY Kok   
2 years ago

Remarks: Some facts and figures were obtained from
                  StarBiz news and SinChew Daily.

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