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Julie Rogers sings The Wedding which brings back fond memories

                           Julie Rogers made her substantial debute into
                          pop scene with her success with "The Wedding"

It is time again we relish ourselves in pursuit of joy in good oldies and bask in the sweet sound of yesteryears. I chanced upon the melodious song delivered by charming songster Julie Rogers “The Wedding” when I browsed through Youtube’s music video clips for oldies. Yes, enchanting Julie sang this song with her whole heart out with powerful and emphatic energy in her rendition of this number aptly auspicious for love marriage occasions. Many a time when the song was played, it sent an unstoppable surge of adrenalin to those sentimental ladies as it reminded them the immense happiness they anticipated while going through the wedding ceremonies. They were flushed with fever and red cheeks as pieces of fond memories were coming back like pieces of jigsaw puzzles gathered, as they reminiscence the best time of their life, the unforgettable youthful days when they tied the knots with loved ones.  In the 60s when life was tough going, couples would be elated to be granted the permission to marry, either from their parents or in-laws, or both. They had to go through the tedious process of approval from the elders of the families with their convincing promises of good life ahead amidst financial constraints and unforeseen future; sigh….. those were the days.

                    Colourful record LP cover of The Wedding

Julie Rogers, sporting a 60s hairdo rendered this song “The Wedding” with her natural flair and silky smoothness, it was so touching. Since its release to the pop chart in 1964, it sold more than 7 million copies of her single by 1972. Rogers was not a “One Hit Wonder” like some modern contemporary artistes; she had 16 singles and 6 albums to her name, the last being released in 2003. “The Wedding” was the sensational wonder hit alright that projected her to be a famed singer of international acclaim. Julie Rogers, a Londoner born in the year 1943, had a successful career as a traditional pop music performer/singer. “The Wedding” was sung with slow rock tempo for easy listening. She married show business agent Michael Black who had since acted as her manager in 1987. Her first husband Teddy Foster died of renal failure in 1984.
                      Julie Rogers with her present days look
                     She still exudes an elegant aura of dignity at 68

Most of the comments from Youtube music video portal were favourable towards this listening and viewing pleasure. Some of them began with “my mother said.....reminded her when she walked down the aisle…..”, “….my sister used to sing this song and I got it recorded in a cassette….every time I hear this song, it reminds me of my sister’s voice…”, other outrageous comments may make you laugh, “ I’ve everything for my wedding, except the groom……”, “beautiful voice and lyrics, sung by a gorgeous woman”, “what a voice…..memories of my first love in the 60s…..”, and “I’m in love, where are the women like this nowadays?” and the one that threw a brickbat: “ not all vintage things are good…..this one is for sleeping grannies….” etc.

So sit back and relax, watch and listen intensely to Julie Rogers’ unforgettable The Wedding:

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Have good days ahead.
Alan CY Kok

             The Endearing Lyrics: 

You by my side
That's how I see us
I close my eyes
And I can see us
We're on our way to say "I do-oo"
My secret dreams have all come true-oo

I see the church
I see the people
Your folks and mine happy and smiling
And I can hear sweet voices singing
Ave Maria

Oh my love, my love
This can really be
That some day you'll walk
Down the aisle with me

Let it be
Make it be
That I'm the one for you
I'll be yours
All yours
Now and forever

I see us now
Your hand in my hand
This is the hour
This is the moment
And I can hear sweet voices singing
Ave Maria
Ave Maria
Ave Maria      

And for those Karaoke lovers:

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