Sunday, 23 October 2011

The changing worlds of East Asia, North Africa and elsewhere

                                                 I was The King

                          Blatant vanity: Below the military cap, it's a wig!
What should happen, happened!
Terror chief Osaman Bin Laden knew well his time was up, but wanted more people to die along with him.
I'm Saddam the president of Iraq! Who are you to put me on trial?
Make my day! Dirty Harry (played by Clint Eastwood) would have said that as rogues of international notoriety were finished off one by one.
Former Cuban president Fidel Castro remained a fighter all his life. He's not dead yet.
The effect of islamic influence of demonic Ayatollah Khomeini remains strong, but will it last forever?
Don't push me too far, too hard!  We have the nuclear weapons YOU KNOW!
Wrong finger message!!
Flamboyant and notorious president Hugo Chavez of Venezuela had been a pain in the ass to the US. He claimed to have himself cured of cancer by Cuban doctors. He unabashedly wanted to be the president for life but his congress turned him down.
Strongman, despotic Hosni Mubarak of Egypt was the first to fall as a leader during the Arab Spring Uprising and Jasmine Movement for the Mid-East, North Africa Region.
 The Saudi people face uncertainty over the successor of King Abdullah who at 88 looked frail at times. The Crown Prince Sultan had just died of cancer. Prince Nayef at 77  looks set to be the heir apparent.
Though Hamid Karzai openly criticized and loathed the US and Nato Forces, he wished them to stay put in Afghanistan a little bit longer.

Follow the death of Muammar Gaddafi, those leaders of the nations that held no election to keep their governance intact were scared the shit out of them. China, North Korea and Cuba were some of them. Countries that held election but did not accept the general election verdict when they lost miserably, Burma/Myanmar was the one; that was in 1990. It is one gentle, splendid country to have a despotic leadership. The nations that held GE every few years but their citizens were strong supporters of the incumbent governments: Singapore, Russia, Iran and Venezuela etc. Sometimes elections held there were considered a farce (Singapore excluded as the PAP administration tries very hard to show the world that democracy is very much valued in their small island state)). The president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez unashamedly asked his electorate to declare him life-time president but was turned down. He won the presidency anyway, a post he held since 1999. Nations like The Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia, the citizens’ votes could swing both ways so the leaders are actually praying very hard. Fortunately these nations’ peoples are very God-fearing; they choose their presidents and prime ministers who are charismatic and influential, not their political allegiance. Of course, political analysts may differ in opinions.

The longest-reigning and the hardest-working monarch in the world King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand and the royal family are very much revered and loved by the Thai people. He is one king that is very concerned and compassionate about the welfare of his people. King Bhumibol, at 83, has been known as frail and ailing. He has been at his throne since 1950. In Thailand, anyone caught passing derogatory remark over the royal family faces jail term.
Too charming to be the PM? Yingluck Shinawatra remains a novice PM for Thailand, after all she is just a few months new at her job. Her opposition camps are accusing her for being unable to handle the flood crisis the nation faces in recent months.
Nice to be the king; just keep up the busy schedule to find time to enjoy all the luxuries of life
Party Chief of People's Congress of China Hu JinTao portrays a low key figure among the international watchers. He shuns publicity and is  only seen on diplomatic, protocol functions, as well as when chairing the People's Congress meetings.
Diligent Premier Wen JiaBao is a reformist but the effect of his effort yields little result as his People's Congress clings tightly to Mao's legacy and communism. Wen steers his huge and powerful nation into the thrust of a modern era with advanced technology and market economy. It is a slow and painful transition as China remains a grave abuser of democracy and human rights movements in the world. The country does not hold election to choose their leaders. All political posts at middle and upper levels are appointed. The lowest people's congress at district levels are largely powerless,
Finally Sr Mentor minsiter Lee Kuan Yew is willing to quit active politics.
The Russian Comedy of Errors "As you like it" with Vladimir Putin took central stage. Putin was president between 2000 to 2008; he became prime minister till this date when Dmitry Medvedev took over the presidency. Now he had just got  himself  nominated as president again for next years onwards, and Medvedev would become PM.

Countries in the Middle East, and Brunei - It doesn’t matter as their leaders are their kings and dictators who sing the tune to their delight as far as governing powers are concerned. With strong backing of military power and personnel of the US and NATO Forces, presidents in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq are very flimsy in their control of civil unrest and general administration. They did have their elections held, but those were always marred with endemic bomb blasts, assassinations, and other calamity. Sadly forerunner presidential candidate Benazir Bhutto was killed in a bomb attack in 2007 when she was the opposition leader.

Benazir Bhutto (1953-2007) was the first woman president of an islamic state ever. She was the PM for Pakistan in 1988-1993  and 1993-1996. Unfortunately she was killed in a suicide bomb blast when she was campaigning as a forerunner candidate for the PM seat on Dec 27th 2007. A scholar, Benazir attended both Harvard & Oxford Universities during her early years.
Endless suicide attacks and bomb blasts had besieged unstable, desolate Pakistan into disarray and further chaos.
The Greatest Lady of them all Aung San Suu Kyi's party won the general election of Burma in 1990 with 80% majority. Yet the stinking military regime refused to hand over power, instead they jailed her even before the election. For the next 20 yrs she was mostly confined to remain at her residence. She could have been able to do a lot for her impoversihed country but she lost her prime 20 yrs of freedom. During her imprisonment she was bestowed with 110 awards in recognition of her unyielding quest for democracy and human rights, including the coveted Nobel prize for peace. She was finally released on Nov 13th 2010.

Following developments in Somalia, Algeria, Egypt, Libya (Now the Gaddafi regime had fallen), Iraq, and a very close to collapse Syria, their government leaders are really nervous and wary about the Jasmine uprising movement (The Arab Spring). China is really concerned and fears for a new revolution from its autonomous provinces of Tibet, Qinghai, Xingjian, Inner Mongolia, and other provinces with some minority ethnical groups. Such civil unrest (which had already occurred sporadically over few areas) will undoubtedly pose to throw the huge nation into disturbing turbulence, while the People’s Congress still clings to the power tightly. Meanwhile China remains steadfast to its claims that Taiwan belongs to the mainland mother country; it is sheer dreamy egoistic and unrealistic. After 62 yrs, Taiwan maintains its position as a renegade nation that never kowtow to its ‘Taikor’ (Big Brother) neighbor they used to address as mother China. It takes less than three year to change a person’s mindset (let’s say one teenager’s); after more than half a century China Mainland’s regime could not possibly lure or convince Taiwan into “Mother’s arms” anymore to accept a totalitarian administration with no election held, whereby leaders of middle and top levels are appointed, not elected. Times have changed; now Taiwanese could kick out their president, cursing him and charging him, even jailing him; former president Chen Shui Bian 陈水扁;is now serving his time!

Chen Shui Bian was a hard working human rights lawyer and the hope for world attention on Taiwan when he  first became president for the island country. Unfortunately greed took over the better of him; he ended up disgraced, troubled and jailed for a long 18 yrs. He is appealing against the sentence.
It is very unfortunate that the president had an expensive and greedy wife.
Blind leader worship with many years of propaganda dragged this dreadful nation into famine, hunger and widespread poverty. Kim Il Sung as founder leader guided his closed and secretive country of oddities into totalitarian Stalinist rule that led to the miseries of all sorts for its people.
Which one you want to make friend with? Dr Evil or President Weirdo Evil?
Son, Can't you see I'm trying very hard to groom you to become the next leader? I can't be with you too long as age is catching up and I'm ailing.........(Kim Jong Il finally died of heart attack on December 19th 2011 and his youngest son Kim Jong Un took over the leadership)
Kim Jong Un, heir apparent, does not know what is famine or hunger. I doubt this fatso young funk knows how to steer his country to the correct path. 
While the country takes pride in its military might, the general mass people go hungry and are deprived of everything for basic living. Goose step marching seems meaningless as it only display uniformity. The soldiers will cry pain in their knees after every excercise for sure. It seems that only the Eastern Bloc nations and communist countries were enthusiastic about this form of formation marching after World War II. Soldiers of Nazi force of Germany took pride in their goose step marching in full view of then leader Adolf Hitler during WWII.
Who gave you the authority to film me? Are you CIA?
After the demise of Sr Kim at 82, Kim Jong Il inherited the legacy of his father to lead the country into further suffering by developing nuclear weapons, whilst the North Korean mass remain hungry and poor. Still relishing their progress in nuclear weaponry, Kim went to his allies China and Russia for handouts but nowadays the two strong neighbours of North Korea were cautious about aiding the impoverished nation. They told Kim to be self-reliant instead.
The poor North Korean kids seen here were not sufficiently clothed. Guess they were hungry too;
while the leader of the country shamlessly boasted to have fed, clothed and housed their people well.
This young wretched woman died a painful death two days after this picture was taken, according to She managed to escape from her drudgery in Hyesan to Changbai-San in China but succumbed to her suffering, being gravely undernourished and without decent clothing. By looking at her frost bitten, large hands, she probably was a farmer.

So political leaders all over the world, Malaysia included, be nice, be very nice to the people, discard all rotten policies, silly rulings and impractical, out dated laws, and repent so that they may still retain some pride in their administration. For Malaysia, enough is enough. We could not go on testing the integrity and efficiency of the incumbent government whose performance had been below par. With corruptions rampant, nepotism and cronyism prevailed for public contractual works, bad accountability of public funds at various ministries, non-transparency for governmental policies, plus draconian laws that control media, information and communication, a change in the administration is so vital, imminent, and inevitable. A retired senior legal practitioner once lamented: “Yes, there were crimes committed in the public service, but there was no criminal. True, some were charged in courts of law, but till these days most are walking free due to lack of evidence.”

Nowadays what I say is only worth 2 cents. This belligerent, self-right, self-centred, conceited octogenarian will never learn when to shut up. He will never admit his follies over the years.

I'm innocent. Don't you believe me? I've got accusing fingers pointing at me everyday!
               Good actor indeed but Oscar Award will never come to him.
                                          Her chance is better.
         He was so thick-skinned to attend a forum on human rights
With fools like this knave keeps talking about his race supremacy,
                                              how to realise racial harmony?
                                      Is he talking about his Turkish roots?
HM Siti learned a lesson well. Afraid to lose her pension she apologised right away for telling secondary Chinese Malaysian students to go back to 'Tiongkok' when even their parents were born here. I read that she has some Chinese blood in her veins but that's not relevant; it's the mental intelligence that matters.
Loose big mouthed Nasir Safar as personal assistant to the PM got his boss jumped into damage repair for claiming  Chinese women migrated into Malaysia as prostitutes and the Indian people came to the country as beggars. The bigot 'kena buang' right away from his post. Don't know he gets to keep his pension?
This hooligan has some oratorial skill but all his contents are harping on incitement on Malay supremacy and racial issues.
A typical scene at a govt. service counter. Civil service needs to project a more people friendly image. Some departments have improved somehow, e.g. The Inland Revenue Dept-JHDN is becoming more efficient in collecting tax.
You believe these police personnel could do a proper job in ensuring safety of citizens, able to safeguard their properties, and to maintain law and order?
Lots of Malaysians emulate the way of life of the Arabs blindly. Some tried to dress like Arabs, particularly when returning from Saudi, thus painting a ludicrous picture.
According to financial analysts and economic observers, both local and foreign, if the adverse economical situation of the country continue to deteriorate, Malaysia could become one exporter of maids to Indonesia, The Philippines and Singapore in 10 years.
Racial harmony achieved with equal treatments
 and opportunities of all kinds at all
                                              levels accorded to all citizens is the
                                               only way to make a strong nation
Otherwise we'll become one 3rd or 4th world nation like this!
                                                        or this!!

It is important to educate the electorate to be progressive and be more self-reliant. Many of them had been comfortable with the handouts and being spoon fed by the Barisan Nasional regime for so long that they became complacent. Some of them are undecided and are fence-sitter. They may swing their voting trend at the last moment. The leaders of the opposition political parties have lots of convincing to do, so as to tell them that the paradigm of change is the only way.

Alan CY Kok