Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Trilogy of human behaviour and ethics

                 Don't fight for fame and glory with literary people

                  Don't fight for edge with scheming minor rogues

               Don't fight for superiority with the sky and the earth

              Don't try to outshine your boss for excellence

        Don't try to obtain favouritism among your colleagues

            Don't try to claim job done with your subordinates

Greatest regret in life:

Miss the chance to have a solid frienship with a great person

Miss the chance to grasp a rare opportunity when it comes passing by

Miss reading a good book

             Ability to see the hidden message and accepting it

                     Ability to give and take, hold and let go

                        Ability to stand upright for integrity

Always value the presence of peace

Always bear benevolence in mind

Always give preference to sincerity

                    Never defer and wait to carry out :

                                    Filial piety

                                    Charity and

                 To maintain good health for own self

Three joyous things in life:

Knowing how to enjoy a glass of good wine

Enjoying the valubale company of a wonderful friend

Reading an enlightening book

                                   Three blessing in life:

                  It is a blessing to bask in peaceful times

                     It is a blessing to enjoy good health

            It is a blessing indisguise even when you're 

                          at a slight disadvantage

Now try to ponder these facets in life:

You will be emotionally better off to leave all unhappiness, injustice,
detestation, animosity and discontentment behind; go for holidays to soothe yourself.

Learn how to turn down invitations for dinners and parties. It could be benevolent to be one by yourself sometimes.

Stop working while you still can, go for a long walk, relax man!

You'll never make enough money, so go and see the world.

You'll not feel that you've done enough for your parents as a filial
person; go home to be with them as much as possible. Time is running short. They are no more young.

Take a breather, slow down your pace, make it a leisurely stroll;
look around your surrounding. You will know how much things
you've missed.

And That is Life !!

Translated by

Alan CY Kok

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