Sunday, 1 April 2012

Best friends

 Jogging by the beach front. No one could disturb me, I've got my doggie with me.
                          What's ya waiting and whining about? Leftover?
                                  Who could skip higher?
  Take that! See how my Kungfu feline leg delivering the effective kick!

                   Easy, easy man! When you do the cornering, let me know.
           Hey man, You're not supposed to have more poker dots than I do!
Now this is getting out of hand. City Hall enforcement unit won't be happy to see this.
Hands up on the wall! Hey you, I didn't say "Paws up, you've got it?"
Mountain hiker Ching had got company from two cuddling puppies as he took a breather at a stop-over.
This red fox mistook the beagle as one guiding angel; what if the hunting hound turned his back?

My! It's a Dog-Deer!
                            Ah, good company. But he keeps on sleeping.
                           Size does matter. So what, I ain't afraid of you!
                            Heck, kitten is immune to dog's bad breath.
                 You can see happiness written on their expression. 
I don't mean to entertain you on pole dancing. I just couldn't free myself from these bamboo shoots.
Dear Lord, please let Jaime my dog be with me as always, Amen!
              Puppies siesta-Don't push, there's enough room for everyone.

Meet our neighbour's cute little girl.
                                         Now am I seeing things?
                                  Shall we begin the doggie walk now?
                        Gee, what humans're doing in the woods?
Your guess is as good as mine!
                                           Who cares?

Pictures obtained from e-mails received through the net.
Alan CY Kok


  1. Dear Alan, I am honoured to have my picture featured in your blog. Indeed dogs are man best friends. I have two dogs; Hershey a Siberian Husky breed and Rexy a German Pinscher breed. You can view the dogs in my blog. Regards Ching.

  2. He that one with the dog on the hip of the girl.
    He must be getting a real banging ....