Sunday, 1 April 2012

Canine Loyalty

As sure as the rising sun, humans had been keeping dogs as pets, companions, and hunting compatriots since umpteen years. Archaeologists dug deep into the tombs of Pharaohs and found skeletal remain of dogs (and cats too).  They even discovered real sized statues of human donning headgear with dog’s image. Many hilly and underground caves in deep jungles where aborigines dwell for thousands of years all over the world’s large continents display vividly the pristine carving of animals including dogs. Some of the carvings of dogs are found on Roman’s vertical obelisks. (The Romans took the obelisks from the Ancient Egyptians during the time of Cleopatra). Chinese historical literature since the Tang and Song Dynasties recorded the existence of dogs reared as play things among the vast populace and the palace royalties.

There is a Chinese saying that describes the predicament of silvery haired senior citizens. It says when one gets older he or she must have three minimum basic requirements, viz. Old bank book with strong financial standing, an old partner (spouse), and an old dog (老本,  老伴,  老狗).

This shows that how indispensable dogs are in human life. These factual occurrences prove that there are deep connection, friendship and bondage between men and the canine beings. Yes indeed, dogs make great companions. Many poor souls look up to their pet dogs to seek solace and company in times of misery. Statistics show that children will grow up to be healthier, more psychologically balanced if they have pets like cats and dogs at home. No wonder the TV program “Dog Whisperer” is so immensely popular at the National Geographic Channel.

Don’t know why there are still certain ethnical groups who are neurotic and paranoid about dogs. 90% of population of Mediterranean nation of Islamic Turkey keep dogs as their family pets, and they are comfortable with that. Here the pictures depict the great bondage between the dogs and their masters; some of them soldiers at the war fronts. The theme of this blog article portrays Canine Loyalty.

All pictures obtained from e-mails received through the net.
Alan CY Kok

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