Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Excellent Healing Power of Ginger

The high healing values Ginger Plant (Zingiber Officinale)

There was one old man in his 80s had the habit of chewing and sucking thin slices of ginger in his mouth for the past 15 years without fail. Ever since he started this unusual habit, he had never caught a cold; he had also got rid of the menacing presence of stones in his kidney and gall bladder.

                 A ginger plant with its roots exposed during harvest

For the past 15 years, the 80 something octogenarian had never ceased to have a slice of ginger in his mouth even when he traveled out of town. He always carried along with him some raw ginger in his possession. For that matter he had three miraculous phenomena that needed to be unfolded. First he could attain the immunity against influenza which had plagued him for years. Even at time when he felt a bit venerable, he would have few sips of the ginger tea (just slices of ginger in a mug of water) and a bit of sleep, he would be okay. The old man stressed that one should have one slice of ginger on his tongue in the morning of a day, but never had it at night. It would be like taking cyanide!

Ah, this is best; ready for cooking. Malaysian Ginger planted at Pahang Hills near Bentong is reputed to be the best. It costs more than the imported Chinese Ginger. Many local folks brew Ginger Wine using Bentong Ginger.

Few years back a scan during a medical check-up discovered some small gall stones measured 0.8 x 0.2 mm formed at his liver. He did not consume any medicine prescribed to him; he just carried on his daily ginger munching practice as usual. Some time this year, he underwent further medical check-up, no gall stone was found there. According to him, by taking the ginger slices with strong healing effect  everyday, all stones related sickness to internal organs would be addressed.

The 3rd scenario was the health of his liver which was then perfectly well and functioning properly. From 1998 to 2005 he had annual test for his liver health (A Chinese term they called 2 and a half test), two disease items were found to be positive. At the latest finding, test for Hepatitis B was negative.

With their appearance, these cluster of wild plant species is known as Bee Hive Ginger Plants

The senior man went further to explain the method of slicing the ginger. One should begin by removing the skin after washing raw ginger. (The skin of the ginger is classified as ‘cool’ type-not for consumption) Cut the ginger to the thickness of a piece of thick paper, 4 to 5 slices everyday. If it were to be too thick, it would be sensationally hot like spice. Place them in a bowl. Drink a cup of water upon waking up, and then pour hot water into the bowl with slices of ginger to sterilize them. Pick one into the mouth and chew it slowly and thoroughly for 10 to 30 minutes. The scent and effect of the ginger would permeate through the oral cavity and nostrils, and well into the stomach and intestines.

I took this picture of a wild Ginger Plant during a hiking at Taman Negara

The ordinary looking ginger indeed has a healing effect in few troubled areas of the human body. There was one farmer (in China) who collapsed in cold sweat right after his work at the field; he was experiencing high body temperature, a severe headache, was a total wreck and in coma. His family panicked and was helpless. Fortunately one senior villager fed him half a bowl of ginger soup. In the middle of the night, the poor farmer woke up perspiring profusely. He seemed to have recovered from his ordeal.

Medical researchers explained that substances found in raw ginger possessed certain qualities which were able to reduce and slow the pace of the oxidization of fats in food consumed by human beings. Consuming ginger could even reduce the emergence of black spots and patches on faces, limbs and body of older persons, thus slowing the pace of aging. There was a saying among the rural folks that consuming 3 pieces of ginger everyday edged the need to drink ginseng soup.

Make muscle pain a memory with ginger

Ginger and Honey drink:
1. About 10 grams of ginger ground into paste.
2. Put the ginger paste in a glass.
3. Add 
boiling water. 
4. Add a spoonful of honey, mix well.
5. The drink is suitable for both men and women.

(Cook crushed ginger slices with brown sugar will have the same effect.) Drinking twice daily for two months, the following is a list of proven results according to some written testimony:

(1) cold hands and feet syndrome has been improved.
(2) reduce body weight about 10 kg.
(3) the skin becomes smoother.
(4) remove excess fat, waist trimmed.

The blossomy flower of a wild Tropical Ginger Plant looks so unreal that it resembles a plastic flower. I took this picture during a visit to Taman Warisan Botani, Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Translated by
Alan CY Kok   
from a Chinese Language Text


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