Friday, 18 May 2012

Wisdom quotes that won't bore you

You can see I'm very happy

9. One thing you can't recycle is wasted time

                        Deposed Hosni Mubarak of EgyptDo I look like a liar?
Chavez of Venezuela-Raising an index finger won't alleviate his cancer sickness
Some how Assad of Syria reminds one of a cute animal-The Racoon
Muammar Gaddafi-A loud mouthed dictator met his death unceremoniously
Saddam Hussein tried to argue his way out with more lies
The End Result- all eyes can see! The tyrant despotic liar met his death shortly after the verdict of his trial found him guilty of murder.

Make more friends whilst you're abroad-either studying or working

The ingenious savant-Steve Jobs left a legacy of his lifetime works in the cyber era which was beyond comparison and unprecedented. Unfortunately he could not realise his aspiration for more innovations and inventions as he succumbed to his sickness in Oct. 5th 2011. He sure was not happy; he had said: Our time is limited.......this is an unfair fact......

Alan CY Kok           

Quotes obtained from mails received through the net.

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  1. Yes,wisdom quotes are not bore.All quotes are very interesting.Images are cute....