Saturday, 2 June 2012

Funny pictures from India

                     It is better to sleep on onion bags than on nails bed.

                        Looks like the spirit of chivalry is very much alive.
                               They ain't heavy, they're my brothers!
                          The metal body cover is coming next week.
Hindu priests are engaged to offer prayer to launch a new aeroplane, or could it be a picnic for the priests instead?

Holy Cow! There's one resting right in the middle of my shop!
The pictures posted here were obtained from one e-mail I received from an enthusiastic net friend. He meant good for his purpose was for sharing some fun. Seeing these funny shots of photos will make my day with some hearty laughs and silent chuckles. I will not laugh or ridicule at others’ predicaments and at those in dire straits, or during their difficult moments. I believe ingenuity is something we should applaud as these people were able to excel in creating better means of transport, providing convenience for all and making good with what they have. I salute the lesser income Indian people; they will not bow to life’s obstacles and hardships, though the scenes will be deemed as outrageous in my home country.

         Wow, this is fantastic, the ride comes with overhead canopy too!
                                    A motorcycle made for 7, or more?
Lucky ass, I mean the donkey - it is in blue heaven & cloud nine, the owner pampers it with a comfortable ride.
                                  I ain't fare too bad either.
This poor ass isn't so lucky....the SPCA is not going to be happy with this. The owner thought his ass is a super donkey or what? Such heavy load!
Though carrying two passengers is a toil, yet this donkey is galloping, racing with the bicyclist at the background.
Must get home quickly! The poly-pipes are hurting me hell between the legs!
                    Such ingenuity! Necessity is the mother of invention.
                  Or you prefer the limo version? Have bike will travel!
For Christ's sake, gangway! I can't see what's ahead of me.
           In the event of an accident, which rider will go flying first?
Look! This biker is not wearing a helmet! Who cares? He's keeping his cool to balance himself with a heavy load at his back.
     He got things mixed up, the motorcycle should carry him instead!
Whatever happens won't interrupt our favourite Bollywood movies.
Street performance act.
Since the city is flooded and with no passenger in sight, this yellow-cab taxi driver decides to have his siesta instead.
Set out to sea.....will that be a voyage of no return?Some gut you have!
                      Is this the legendary King Cobra or Cobra King?
Public convenience.... so considerate of the municipality but one needs to have an umbrella to assure modesty.
See, how nice of the railway authority to provide us metal railings in the train coach, so that we can hang up our hammocks for a nap or two.
Hey Dad, I can't breathe! What takes you so long to snap a pic?
   I'm determined to join the police force; please give me a chance.
Easy, easy, lower me slowly.....I'm trying to find out if those glittering down there are gold?

Computer genius in the making
My! Does he understand basic English?

My pet goat needs extra clothing at the highland farm.
Fastest way to cool our beer.
Political campaigning for election in progress.
Let me get out of this predicament before I deal with you!
Cool, the car comes equipped with air-bag!
Only for the passenger.

Is it the village's landmark, the red light area?
Take that, take that from Big Mama!
No fear, we won't be affected by the onion cutting ordeal.
Is the bicycle or the pair of slippers
that the owner values more?
 Taliban leader or the local police head stays here?
It doesn't matter it's the ladies' coach.

Cutting the children? Oh my!
Have we found a butchery here?
Relax, waiting to be eaten!
You can see far on higher ground,
I mean riding on higher seat.
Colorful turbans of the Punjabis - Glad that they're all smiling.

Have good days ahead!
Alan CY Kok


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