Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Human presence in animal kindgom

                                    Finally you propose!
                          It's all because the humans dug a hole here
It's all because the humans dug a hole here
               Grow up quickly, perhaps we could be better friends
Let's play Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer as in Mark Twain's story book. Wonder what's the scene behind the wooden fence?
            Journey interrupted by middle of the road breast feeding
Let me out, it's wet and cold here!
                                   No, you're not seeing double
Seeing double again?
My dear frienship with a dear
                                       Where do I go from here?
8 yr-old Watteo Walch has built a strong bond with his furry friends at the Austrain Alps. The marmots are usually very shy around humans. The adult rodent-like animals weigh around 3 to 8 kgs.
Do I know you?
An American bullfrog destined for the cooking pot.
Sad parting that depicts loyalty to a friend. The man broke down as his dog was being taken away to an animal shelter
Fireman to the rescue to quench the thirst of a furry friend-The poor Koala Bear in an Australian wild fire.
I'm hungry!
 No joke, without adults being around, the baby could become lunch.

Comfortable and safe ride
Feeding a baby dolphin. Now where's Mom?
                            Slower, I can't catch up the fast pace
                                  Two brothers drinking milk
                                    Let go, will you! I spotted it first!
       It's not Kermit the Frog, it's Prince Edward the Chameleon!
Life seems so boring for these canines
                                     It's too huge a body to hug
                             A neck to lean on, albeit a  long one.
                                          Now this is for you!
               The lion cub refuses mother's milk, so I chip in to help
The day I went out shooting pics and made some new friends
           And so....the elephant accepted the blessing of the priest....
           Ducks, ducks everywhere! To the ponds or to the market?
                               Wow, it's a brand new world out there!
       This human baby could be too heavy, I'm not sure I could help
Strange, you don't look at all like me!
                Nice to know you have one trusted companion to rely on
This super large crustacean-a Tasmanian King Crab was saved from the cook pot in time when it was bought by a British aquarist, to be showcased at Weymouth Sea Life Park, Dorset, UK. There were three of them.
                           Ah, icy cold water for the start of the day
                          Ah ooh, sure it hurts! Let go, will you moron!
                                            Ah... life couldn't be better
                Look, we're caught. We can't go on meeting like this!
                Jumping trampoline excercise on kitten's stomach, it's so much fun.
                         Intimacy caught on film! No escape this tme!
                                            Cat people
                                    Wow, I could appear on commercial.

Time to relax together
                                  Don't you dare get any closer!
                                      What have you got there?
                              Sorry seems to be the hardest word........
Stop doing that, it's very annoying! Come down this instant!
This laughing chimp is well-known in the net

Alan CY Kok            
All pictures obtained from mails received through the net

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