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She clambers out of her coffin and complains of hunger

This is fantastic! Picturesque terraced rice fields of GuangXi
In remote village of Dong, ChengYang, GuangXi, life remains the same since 30 years ago.

95岁老妇入殓6日爬出棺材 称饿了起来煮东西
95 year old Li Sieu Feng had been living alone by herself since many decades ago. The frail old lady was able to fend for herself for all chores except she depended on a kind Samaritan neighbor family to offer her free meals. The nonagenarian Li lived next door to a good neighbor – Chen Qing Wang family in the remote Leu Lor Village of Leu Mah County, in the Province of GuangXi, China. On February 1st 2012,   Senior Li went for a short walk from her home but she tripped her footing and fell along a steep slope into a low valley below.

Li Siew Feng, a nonagenarian remains alert and healthy despite her ordeal happened early this year. Note that the doors seem to be missing!

Villagers heard her wailing and they rescued her almost immediately. Since she complained to have an unbearable and excruciating headache, a local doctor was summoned to treat her at her home. Some medicine was dispensed to her and she was told to rest as the doctor diagnosed that she might have suffered a little concussion, following her fall. On February 17th her kind hearted neighbor, 60 something years old Chen went to her home with a bowl of porridge for her breakfast but found Madam Li seemingly dead. Chen found her to have no pulse beating and she had stopped breathing. One thing funny though her body was still warm unlike any one who had just died. Perhaps it was the thick blanket she covered herself for the night that kept her body warm, the villagers gathered. The same doctor who treated her was called and he declared Madam Li officially dead shortly after his examination on the still body.

Old styled traditional Chinese coffin
Nowadays most Chinese families prefer these modern caskets for their departed loved ones
Don't be fooled, this ain't no vintage Mercedez. The Jamaicans are good at making coffins of all shapes.

The benevolent Chen and his son Lee San began to prepare for Madam Li’s funeral and the villagers were told that a funeral wake at her home was underway for the passing of a nonagenarian. With discussion among them and the consultation of a temple medium, the funeral was to be held 6 days after her death, i.e. on the auspicious day February 24th 2012. They placed Madam Li’s body into a traditional Chinese coffin gently and covered it with the heavy wooden lid. The lid was not nailed yet as they would only do that on the day of burial. Following Chinese belief and tradition, a bowl of uncooked rice was put at her feet in the coffin. Some incense was burnt to offer prayer and respect to the deceased.

The early Chinese village doctors were generally known as The Bare-foot doctors to depict their tough task during the hard times. They were active, respected and practised widely during the disastrous The Great Leap and The Cultural Revolution era in the 60s. Nowadays leaders of the post Mao's era prefer not to talk about the miserable past.

On February 23rd, Chen father and son came to the coffin to burn the incense sticks but found its lid opened and Madam Li’s body had mysteriously disappeared. “Anyone with a sound mind wouldn’t steal an old lady’s corpse!” They exclaimed loudly in a commotion. Just when they were about to set up a team to look for the stolen dead body, they heard some noises at the back of the house and what they saw could frighten them out of their wits. Madam Li was squatting on the floor at the side of a small stove, trying to start a fire to cook the rice she found in the coffin. In order to quash their half fear, they asked her what time it was as they spotted her wearing a watch. ’15 minutes past 11.” came the reply positively. Everybody began to surround Madam Li and asked her what happened. Instead she was angry with them for placing her in the coffin when she was not dead. The lid was so heavy that she pushed and pushed with all her might and she succeeded at last to climb out of her stuffy enclosure. At 95, she was great in her prowess to exercise her strength. Then she felt very hungry after few days of starving and unconsciousness and that explained her attempted cooking.

Many youths who are in their 60s now regretted the disruption of their studies due to their fervent and blind leader worship.   

On February 23rd, Leu Mah County official came with aids to visit Madam Li Siew Feng when they got wind of her resurrection. They brought along 2 cotton woolen blankets, some clothing, 25 kilograms of rice, as her belongings were burnt to ashes after her supposed demise. Fellow villagers also donated generously for her daily living needs and Chen Qing Wang’s family would continue looking after her, after her awful ordeal.

A communist party cadre official handed material aids to a Tibetian farmer woman whose home was damaged in an earthquake.

The provincial news media had a detailed and wide coverage for the near misfortune of the nonagenarian Li Sieu Feng. They unanimously concluded that Senior Li’s miraculous escape from certain death till this day was attributed by her ‘delayed’ funeral as being practiced in rural Chinese villages, as well as due to the fact that the coffin lid was not nailed. TV crews with newscasters, and reporters interviewed Madam Li on February 26th found her to be very much alive. It looked quite brightly that she would live well into her 100s to become a centenarian.

                              She's going to live well into her 100s

Alan CY Kok
I first heard/viewed the news on Taiwan’s
CTi Asia news channel中天亚洲台
On the 1st week of July 2012

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