Monday, 13 August 2012

China Scenes on the fun side

Look at the people at the playground down there; When I grow a little bit older mom will let us join them to play
                       Bowls balancing act - like in the Kungfu movies
     Hope she won't land herself in trouble - pissing in the men's toilet
The pregnant lady is practising to walk her kid in the future. My! The man is even holding her handbag!
Patroitism most glaring but don't you think Mao's portrait is too small to be seen?
                               Putting the car in more productive use
                              Imitation is the best form of flaterry
Jiangsu young auto-mechanic spent rmb60,000 to modify his old VW Santana to have his dream come true - he transformed it into a Lamborghini Sports car with seagull winged doors.
My! They're teaching us how to make bombs using carrots and a timing clock through  internet!
Hey, say, how do you do that?
                         Toilet for men with transparent glass door
These two university student girls are getting too bored while waiting for class to commence
                     It ain't easy for the road leading to the Olympics
                One tough lady on the way home after months of absence
   Wey...wey...I'm busy with 4 others on my back....can't talk to you now!
             It's ok as some guys may like girls with protruding teeth
Hi I'm going places and I don't worry about the need to piss
This guy on the scooter is just too much, he doesn't even care to wear a helmet. He wears a pair of shoes alright and is nonchalant about others staring at him.
                              What in the world are you fellas doing?
One should feel sorry for the driver of this vehicle which landed in this large sink hole on a highway. It had happened in Malaysia too.
Anxiety in anticipating the impact on diving into the pool below is clearly displayed on these divers'faces.

Alan CY Kok

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