Wednesday, 8 August 2012

View some fun pictures

Now easy does it, don't you hurt me! The clever sloth knows where to cling to for a firmer grip.
Who with a correct mind would have designed such awful sports wear where the red patch was  high-lighted between the legs! And it's the colour of the national flag!
It's hot in summer but the air-conditioning in the university library failed to work. So this is the best way to cool-off. The course-mate at the back couldn't resist to take a pic, interrupting his studies.

It's electronic virtual mahjong. Does it take the fun out of reality mahjong?
The young visitor to the Guanzhou motor show seems mesmerized with the charm of the model.
This is the most economical, polution-free, hassle-free mode of transport for the farmer.
          Motorcycle made with human parts (The whole human kids)
She harvested the largest melon in the water melon patch in her swimsuit.

With hundred of millions smokers in the country, the one effective health hazard caution warns about erectile defunction.
Will someone bold enough to tell the girl to be more civil-minded?
I don't bite people.
The petty trader displays his signboard that reads: Any thief caught will be chopped to death. Swift justice, Man!
 Have you ever been in this sleeping position when you're a kid?
This is not a fun picture. The poor lady at right is suffering a rare disease of quickened aging, she's only 21. Her grandmother at left looks more healthy and normal at 81. Doctors at Beijing told her that her sickness is incurable.
Now we have some small story about a British couple who kept a piglet as pet since it was a baby. They were told by the pet-shop owner that the piglet would not grow too big as a home pet - It's supposed to be a mini-pig.

But after two year it'd grown to be a heavy weight sow!
                It's a 300kg champion-breed heavy weight home-pet.
Now for Christ's sake, aim at this bucket accurately for your daily discharge. I've enough patience already!
It's time to walk the pig. Hope the neighbours won't pay too much attention with me.

Damned! You hurt me!
And finally this picture is more idyllic and refreshing. A pretty Pakistani bride, looking dignified and solemn. Somehow she looks sad and forlorn.
I read that it's their tradition for the bride to present a sad look.

 I hope the pics used won't be misconstrued as too raunchy.
 If there're too many comments against displaying these pics,
 I'll remove them right away.
Alan CY Kok

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