Tuesday, 4 September 2012

2 wheels and 4 wheels

Have wheels will travel, modern people will say that. Both two wheelers and four wheelers will provide convenient transport to the users for their respective purposes. In countries like Vietnam (as depicted below), most people can afford a motorcycle to go about their business. Unless their goods are too heavy and huge in sizes, othewise they will make good of their best form of transport available, viz. their low cost trustworthy motorcycles. Very often they are so outrageously laden that the riders looked  so ludicrous and awkward in balancing themselves. Still it is too dangerous to transport goods that way; it is no joke as human lives are at risk.  

                          Some chickens will be 'scratched' on the road surface to death.
   Still have room up there, wanna join us? She's such a jovial person.
Eggs, eggs and more eggs. No worry, they won't break even if the rider tumbles.
     Can't tell what is that? Large water hose or just plastic pipes?
                          Ah, these look like hula hoods! But are they?
               Get to the customers quickly before the ice blocks melt! My pants are wet!
Need strong hands !
                                  This sure is a one-way mirror
           Fish monger rushing for business hours at the wet market
This is getting common.
     Piglets squeezed in a tight cage on the way to the farm or.....?
Wah lau eh! The pipes are twice longer than the motorcycle. Will there be a cornering soon?
If only the ray fish knew it would be placed this comfortable way to the market, it didn't have to struggle so much in the water.
Either way he falls, he still will be alright. No fear; not sure about a head-on collision.                      
Have just harvested the vegetables. Need more time to process before selling them as the roots are still having the soil laden part to be removed.
                                        Talk about forgetfulness!
                   This is sheer madness. The sound will be deafening!
Pile-up at the highway. But the weather seems fine, visibility? It's a matter of going too fast.
The precinct police chief won't be happy about this. Have they had a tough night fighting crime?
Should get someone who read ABC well enough to do the painting job.
Oh My, hope the driver survived the crash of the tree trunk onto the vehicle.
Was the driver trying his luck or he lost his sense of estimating the height?
It's going to cost him a bomb to repair the damage.

Alan CY Kok

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