Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Distorted graphic pics and some photos taken at the right moment

How sweet can married family life be? Could the marriage sustain? Will there be temptation? Could the love within them stand the test of the time? Well, these two artistes uses their graphic skill to tell us a little how fun marriage life is and when there's feuding going on.  


More funny pictures of the crazy, absurd kind:

This pretty Chinese lass shows her eyes make-up, before and after. It's a world of difference!
      The world's No. 1 Chicken, I am! But the boy friend won't like the title!
           They say wise men behave silly sometimes! This is a fine example.

Here we have more photos to cheer you up; they were captured just at the right moment:

Don't do that to me, don't you ever!
                          What's distracting you? I mean the cyclist.
          The folk song sings 'Blowing the wind', but this is the cloud, man!
        Mutant doggie species appeared at the mall. Call the Animal Planet!
                     Quickly duck the bat; once hit, it could be very painful.
 Lu bo kia-see! (You're not afraid to die!) With sword and hammer in both hands
you can't get away so easily.
                                          Catch me if you can!
               A big headline! It's a Great Cover-up! Any politician involved?
 Just be precise! How many kilometers more before I can relief myself?
                 I may need your help sometimes, but not now, you idiot!
                    Wow, I saw the Jet Eagle flying supersonic speed!
                                                       Take That!
                           Praying Mantis learning how to ride a mini-bicycle.
                    McBurnt sitting there, got nothing to do after the fire.
       How do you do that, separating your head and torso?
                         Say, are we watching Star War movies this season?
                                      Now which one is standing?
                     The heavy crane is able to hold the weight of the moon.
                      Thumberlina wears the tulip ballet skirt. Nice though.
                               Just got the shot, one in a million chance!
      Go ahead, your Royal Highness, if you're not keen about the next throne.
                         Tail first you win, but you've got to wait for me.
                       Any news of my partner across the Atlantic?
You can be gay alright, but don't display your affection so openly while the match is going on.
It was a vodka too many last night. I almost overslept.

And now we have the "anachronistic" (the attribution of something to a period to which it does not belong) pictures to amuse you:

Was it the logo of Addidas on the pirate's ear piece? Johnny Depp sure is brand conscious.
                          Wow, Kungfu fighter wears expensive Swiss watch!
            Must the plane appear overhead when we're launching an attack!
How could you call for re-enforcement when you've dropped the Walkie-talkie!
  Hey, you silly cop, how could you fire without cocking the trigger?

Alan CY Kok           

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