Friday, 28 September 2012

Men, Oh Men!

Men are men; they are known as humans who are resourceful and more prone to carry out new ideas and methods with outrageous stunts and drastic measures to solve problems of all sorts; sometimes unconventional to the level of being dangerous or even devastating. When seeking fun and adventure, men will go a further mile in getting their adrenalin shots; breaking a bone here and there is a common affair. When things are done, problems are solved, and they have got their kicks out of excitement with their brute force, these male genders then earned their names as "Heroes" or "Handymen". Attached here are some fine examples:

                          It looks like Santa Claus has gone hunting.
It probably costs a fortune to have the flooring changed; it's beyond repair.
             Great to know a crane could assist a mower vehicle in mid-air.
                             Oh Goodness! What egg-beater is that?

Save the cost of employing a tow truck but the car got a flat tyre, and that's a problem.

Now who's the hunter and who're the hunted?
A garden decorated with toilet bowls. To prevent theft, it's got a tall fencing.
                                   Water skiing- We've never had so much fun.
                  Aim and shoot, Got it! You're shooting game or intruder?
Dogs, deers or donkeys to pull this carriage? Looks comfortable alright.
                          Isn't this the flipped side of the electric iron?
   Cup or mug holder for car is easily and cheaply available nowadays.
This motorised sofa seat vehicle is equipped with a table lamp and hi-fi sound system, with a little doggie by its side.
Mr. Bean has one similar padlock on his mini but this is for the fuel tank.
                   How do you provide air-conditioning to a vintage Cadillac?
                       Bull transporter-but needs to sacrifice passenger comfort.
 The one indoor is dozing off; I doubt he's strong enough to pull if........
Say, you got a nice over-sized hat!
               Trolley cart taken from Walmart? Borrowed for barbecue party?
                 Toilet made convenient and simple for use on the grassland.
                       High-tech job made simple but compromised on safety.

Alan CY Kok

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