Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Only in Bolehland of Malaysia

We have been chuckling wickedly and slyly in amusement just going through some pictures that depict funny and ludicrous behaviors of some foreign nationalities.  Their business methods, their means of transport, their public behaviors and their poor command of language used become the laughing stalks and ridicules. Yet we have not applauded their striving effort to go about their daily life with barest means, their ability to make do with the minimum, their seeking to survive through harsh and abject conditions. On the other hand are we faring better in every which way in Malaysia as compared with the scenarios in those foreign countries? See for yourself.

                      Office is spelt wrongly and when "Jalan" means "Street"
How convenient! Hitching a ride on a public lamp post for this cable TV parabola disc.
The one who erects this notice board is smart to use an anti-effect slogan to warn against any indiscreet dumping of rubbish.
                  Nice shade for this cow. Fresh cow milk, anyone?
                 How important must you be if you want to park here?
                        Polite reminder for the uncivil-minded patrons.
               It seems that there have been some dry rains in the past.
  It's quite offensive but they have no choice to hit it home with prudence.

                                      What a name to name the road!
They seem to be serious in saying that. They mean business!
                  What about the smokers themselves? It's ok. We live longer than cockroaches.
   Zoo's well-intended notice. I am sure SPCA will be happy to read this.
For the director's use only.  He is a wheel-chaired bound person-(OKU) I guess.
         Obviously our English language proficiency is going down the drain.
                       But they Chinese words mean: No testing of food!
This owner of this property has had enough of the disturbance from bad hats.
                                        So long it's a seat.
Don't laugh, this was very common at government departments some 15 yrs ago.
This rider definitely has out-done the American Choppers at Orange County, USA.
              Vacancies for 'Sales girl' and 'Girls seller'. How blatant!
Toilet for small job okay but not big one. You figure it out what it means!
The hawker's stall obstructs entrance to a lane with table on the road. The shop couldn't carry out its legitimate business, so the trading signboard goes upside-down! Malaysian logic.

Alan CY Kok

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