Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Cats and Dogs-lots of them

Before and after the rectum check
                               The owner is a romantic artist
                                               It tastes so good!
                                   Tempting! Let me have some!
                                  Did I see something spooky!
Say, what's the difference between Windows 7 and 8?
                                                    Love Story
Behave yourself, will you?
                              Great, it's siesta time! I've begun to wobble.
                                       Do I look familiar to you?
                    Ah come on! Stop sucking! Life is a long way to go.
      It's all vegetable and vegetable, where's my favourite minced meat?
Introducing Vivien Leigh of "Gone with the wind" fame!
                                Need to wash the paws before meal or after?
                                       We're a loving couple.
                                    Martian puppy landed with a leash
                                 It's quite embarrassing to be naked!
Obiwan Kenobi of 'Star War' prepares to be roasted
                       You sure this is one of my puppies?All black?
Remember this hardest part-the rapidly changing dance steps of the Jive.

Alan CY Kok           

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