Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Enjoy the great outdoor adventure

                       Playing hide and seek in snowy winter wonderland?
The hide-out of the wildlife photographer was uncovered and the eagle flew into a rage to attack him.
       Nice red car but it offered no food. The herd of lions refused to disperse.
                   Oh Goodness Gracious! The ranger sure was in trouble.
Catch me if you can.........never know the hippo could run that fast; on the other hand it has 4 legs and I have only 2.
        Caught in the act. You're trying to trap my sisters! Now take that!
                 Oh my God, I thought the black swans are lovable birds.
                     What brute force you see in this raging bull elephant!
Stop that will you! I ain't no thief.
                         It's the movie scene of Jumaji - monkey rampage!
                              The Roman Gladiator attack, take that!
Look, that's the Big Croc I've been looking for! Wait, I got to get away from it first!
Ah, this sure is better, more serene and no rush to go anywhere. Crossing shallow water on camel back. Next stop is so far away.


Alan CY Kok


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