Friday, 2 November 2012

Chinese man sued wife for being ugly


This is not the latest news, but it is worthy of repeating the report. Northern Chinese resident Jian Feng divorced and sued his wife for $120,000 and won! The story goes that Mr. Feng was deeply in love with his beautiful wife until they had a baby girl.

Feng was horrified at how ugly the baby was and demanded to know who his wife had cheated on him with because the baby resembled neither of the parents.

It was only then that his wife confessed that she had undergone few intense plastic surgeries so as to look radically different. Feng divorced and sued his wife under the terms that she had gotten him to marry her under false pretenses!

Not only did the woman pay $100,000 for the surgery to make her pretty, she had to pay $120,000 to a guy who apparently only loved her for the looks she paid for.


Alan CY Kok  says: The man sure was an ungrateful knave as they had been staying together as husband and wife for years. During those years the man would have found his wife acceptable as a spouse and they were compatible to each other and she looked greatly charming. Her other virtues would suffice to make up for what she lacked. After all she wasn't an old lady with wrinkles all over her face. It was a typical case of male chauvinism in modern day China. The man deserved to be kicked at the arse.

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