Friday, 2 November 2012

Only in Australia

                     Take that! How could you film me without asking me!
                       Very unfair, you carry the sheep but not me!
                                          This is a huge one!
                    A copter used to ferry an alligator? How wasteful!
                     Feel something large getting close to our feet?
It's flooding all over!
Afraid that Aroo the kangaroo is dead!

        Nice boat ride for the kangaroos while being transferred to dry ground.
 How nice we just rest here, looking at those silly humans sweating out...
             This kangaroo may want to volunteer for the BBQ party tonight.
 Poor Kookaburra-the Laughing Bird being snapped up as meal for the snake.
                     This tells you how vast the Australian continent is!
               Didn't know wombat could be leashed just like a pet dog.
                 Is it the same creature you saw at "Jurassic Park"?
                    You're blocking my view, get down quickly! Now beat it!
              Couldn't understand much of this notice put up at the fence

Pics received through mail received from the net.
Alan CY Kok           

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