Sunday, 25 November 2012

There will be war if I do not study well

It's the 1st day of school; school children are all dressed up in their traditional garbs to mark the special day.
The little girl displayed happiness on her face as foreign students dropped by for visit and interaction.
Computer room designed for the elementary class; however some got to wait for their turn.
An international school with computer class going on; however this must be an old picture as most schools in China are using flat screen LCD monitors.

An intelligent primary student boy in China wrote an article for his essay writing homework and that caught national attention as well as enticing comments of all sorts. Most readers of the essay found it ludicrous or funny with the elementary student’s deducible logic regarding the occurrence of wars. Somehow the smart kid displayed some level of maturity of thought and sense of safety for all mankind, urging the world to stop war mongering. With one single long paragraph and perhaps a big heave of breath, he completed this commendable essay. The teacher, who corrected his essay deemed it amusing, commented simply “Ha-ha, I’m laughing too.” Very quickly the short essay (more like diary writing) became a super hit in the net as it attracted tremendous attention among the Chinese folks. Someone had posted it in the web and news media kept everybody entertained with this article in their various news prints. Unfortunately the name of the little writer was not revealed; perhaps he could become one great guy in the future for China.

This new block of elementary school building was built with funds raised by The Birmingham Chinese Lions Club, UK.
Children actively raising hands to answer questions.
 An earlier picture of the elementary school in China during the 1980s.
The pre-school girl is all concentrating.
She portrays a picture of determined effort in her study, while jotting down notes.

Here is the translated version of the essay titled: There will be war if I do not study well:

Time flies and the mid-term examinations are getting close around the corner; I have already begun my revision and felt the pressure building up on my shoulder. I have to work very hard otherwise my results in the school examination will be macabre and I will not be promoted to the next grade and that will invite reproach from my parents, and I will lose my confidence. Losing my confidence will make my studies suffered further and I will not be able to complete my coming years in the school. Being unable to complete my studies, I can’t get a good job to fend for my own self. Since I can’t earn my upkeep therefore I can’t afford to pay taxes. For not paying taxes on my part my teachers will not be able to get their wages as the government couldn’t collect taxes from me. This will affect the teachers’ temperament and they will be in their ebbs for their teaching jobs and the future of the nation will suffer. China will not be able to leap into progress and the economy will deteriorate further. The Chinese people will become retarded and evolved into an uncivilized populace. The Americans will suspect us to have hoarded large cache of nuke weapons since we become desolate and a wild tribe. Since we have large storage of weapons of mass destruction, America will declare war against us, and World War III will be erupted. When one side seemingly weaker and facing certain defeat has no choice but to launch a nuclear weapon. The consequence will be disastrous and gravely damaging to the world’s natural environment. There will be a huge hole appeared at the ozone layer of the atmosphere. Since there will be no filter of the sun’s radiating ray and heat, the earth will suffer with the up-surge of the temperature, causing the icebergs at both poles to melt. The water level of the world oceans will thus rise, flooding all the human habitat and dwellings, killing all of us. As these scenarios could happen and become a threat to the world’s huge population, affecting standard of living, property and safety of all mankind, I have to work diligently with extra effort for my revision with few days left before the examination begins so as to obtain good results, in order to avoid tragedy from occurring.

Class in progress in a rural village-There are tens of thousand of poorly equipped and furnished primary schools in rural provincial districts. Lack of funds and teachers are common problems over there.
All eager waiting to enter their designated class to begin an academic year.
                      A rural primary class in progress during the early 70s.
             This is our mode of transport to and fro our village
              and the school - A daily scene at DongYang Township,
                                 ChaoHu District, China.

Alan CY Kok


  1. Jeremy KH Lim has been kind to post his comment by sending me an e-mail:

    These days in China, there are two sets of students - one who complete their studies from primary to higher education in China and the other complete their primary and secondary in China but move on to overseas for their university level. The former is bound to the local China laws whereas the latter will have a free hand when they go overseas as they will either return to China or stay on in overseas - mostly in US - upon their graduation.

    The ones that stays home will have more patriotic view and could be even called 'fearing sky will fall down' whereas those who move to overseas see a wider horizon and have a more global view.

    This happens to the new leadership forming the 5th generation Power to rule China, with the new Party chief and the Premier-designate were overseas-exposed and they will have a feeling of 'treating Skyfall is blanket' to them !

    I will suggest that we send the whiz kid for a Freudian test to see if he is Hitler-reincarnate as Hitler had many fancied ideas when he was a kid - at one stage he wanted to be a painter....If this poor kid has the Hitler's inkling, then his patriotic view could be disastrous; otherwise it's OK with him.

    Just my views, so please read it to laugh away your day!

    Regards from
    Jeremy LKH !

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