Thursday, 20 December 2012

Smiling kittens and puppies and some larger pets

The following pictures of little puppies and kittens are obtained from Chinese Newsprint through the net.

                              Hi Good morning, where shall we go today?
                            No, I'm not a bear pup, I'm just a cute puppy!
                         This puppy sure is adorable, looking for attention.
                                 Mmm........what's that smelling  so good?
                  You don't look pretty despite your laughing at the camera.
                    Kitten exploring the function of the steering wheel.
                     I'm a star now, appeared in print for this food package.
                Pinky wears red shoes to avoid getting wet. You believe that?
Meet Roger the champion of ugliest dog fame.
Since they banish me out of home, I've got  to find shelter for my puppies.
                                                I am Rabbit the Cat.
                                  Give me Five! But isn't it a large jungle cat?
                             Curiosity kills the cat. That won't happen here.
                  Puppy found feathered warmth but poor chick suffered in the cold.
                               Meow! Just woke up and is my milk ready?
                                One of them is not an over-sized fat cat.
                               Nature's wonder! So cute and cuddly!
Master has been kind to provide rolled towel to support my chin.
He doesn't want me to drool all over.
                               Wide-eyed Wonder, what're you looking at?
                                 Hello Kitty, just close your eyes and sleep.
Nice to sleep here.
                                     Stop kicking my tummy, you bum!
                              Don't talk to me, can't you see I'm choking.
                                       You dare get any closer?
That's the comfort zone.
                              A round ball of turfy hair, isn't that a puppy?
Cute puppies in a row sleeping with sweet dreams

Since I've got healthy tooth set, I'll appear for tooth paste commercials.
How about this one to make your day?
                        How about sharing? Sharing is all about happiness!
                          Help me to get out of this soapy pail of foam water!
Ah that is it, lay me down this way as always.
 Look, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a man, it's Superman! Who cares, I am the Super cat!
                                        Why are you leaning on me, Mom?
You frighten the shit out of me! Who the hell are you?
You think I'm crazy to be a Ninja Cat? the kids over there are crazier to have their hair shaved!
This elongated horse is a fake for sure! I mean the pic that is.

Alan CY Kok

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