Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Told you not to go to Thailand!

                                  Looks like it's the other way round.

When we were much younger, our older folks painstakingly advised us not to go to Thailand, so as not to fall into the romantic magical traps set up by the enticing Thai ladies at the seedy entertainment joints. Yes, it was true that many brave Malaysian young men crossed the border to marry their Thai sweethearts they met during their adventurous rendezvous when they were there. Well, just like all other marriages, some ended up in divorces, and some ended living together happily ever after.

                        The silent body language was so conspicuous.
                   Haven't you sampled hospitality with a Thai dignitary?
Look, you're touching my arm too. A friendly handshake will do, man!
     The US President could not help taking a peek at his Thai counterpart.
Her eye-movements are so enticing. The President fell into a frenzy over her!
Yeah, this is the time to relax and chat during the state banquet. A small talk will go a long way.
"Don't forget to call me when you come to Washington." 

Coming back to present day, on Nov. 18th 2012 President Barrack Obama of the USA had the honoured opportunity to sample Thai hospitality in the company of charming hostess First Lady of Thailand, viz. none other than the 45 year old Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. In the following few events when the two leaders met during Obama’s state visit to Thailand, they exchanged tacit glances; their revealing body language was very obvious. The President of USA could not resist the charm exuded by the host. He fell head over heel with PM Yingluck. She unreservedly displayed her intrinsic Thai feminine values to capture Obama’s attention. Of course this invoked the wrath of the First Lady of USA, Michelle Obama. Guess the President had lots of explanation to do in their hotel suite when the American First Couple called it a day for their rest.

I can't take it any longer!
I'll make sure he repents!
Wait till we get back to the
White House!
I had been kissed by a black man!
He had hugged and kissed a reluctant Madam Aung San Suu Kyi of Myammar, totally ignorig Asian cultural values in protocol. Poor Madam Aung San looked so helpless.

Alan CY Kok

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