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Many thanks to Dorris Chan for sharing.
Alan CY Kok           


Meaningful statements and advices translated.

Ghosts can't be scary as one doesn't see an actual one.
Humans are frightening as you couldn't
make up what they're conjuring next.
Don't let unfortunate incident spoil your day.
Be optimistic and be cheerful.
Life is so short, so don't waste time on petty,
negligible matters.
The definition of:-
Growing up - do something you've never done.
Changes - do something you're not willing to do.
Break through - do something you dare not do.
The Good Lord Buddha says:
Year after year, how much you've fathomed?
Day after day, how much you have let go?
You try so hard, how much have you obtained?
With meticulous precaution, how much have you lost?
Sought and yet failed, how many problems you've accrued? 
With fastidious connivance, how much animosity you have created.
With insatiable greed, what harmful deeds have you done?
Whilst you live your life, how far have you enjoyed?
 When life comes to an end, how much can you bring along?
This is no preacher's words, it's merely a traditional
Chinese medical prescription for the cure of
excessive urea acid in the body system
 and pain  in the joints (winds' problem).
One who toils hard without complaint is a perfect gentleman; one who complains but go on to finish the assignment is considered a mid-level role model; one who works with complaints and curses is beyond redemption. 
Wikipedia: I know everything!
Google: I own all that matters.
Facebook: I know everybody!
 Internet: Without me all of you are nothing!
Electricity Supply: Go one talking big, you creeps!
Some paths are long and far, it's tiresome to continue;
but you would certainly regret if you
 don't complete the journey.
On alcohol consuming: One chooses to be a teetotaller is a
common person. One stops at seeping a mouthful is a gentleman.
One who turns to be a compulsive drinker at sight of liquor, is an idiot. One who becomes drunk whenever consuming alcohol, is a lunatic. One who drinks and drives, has a date with the Emperor of Hell!
Have you not always enlightened your friend this way?
But you never know how to enlighten your own self.
Those friends who are forgiving in nature will always
be on the same boat.
Those couples who are forgiving with one another will always
 sleep on the same bed throughout their marriage.
A world of forgiving trends and tendency will
 make the world peaceful and enchanting to live in.
The seven facts you can't deny on earth:
1. You can't fill your eyes with soapy water.
                  2. You can't count the numbers of your hair.
                      3.You don't breath with your nostrils
                          when you stick out your tongue.
                         4. You're now doing the no.3 fact.
               5. You think it's workable to do what no.3 states,
                      but that will make you feel like a dog.
                   6. You're now laughing in embarrassment,
                           because this has been a prank.
                       7. Share this with your net buddies,
                        you can avenge your  sorrow now.
There certainly stands a reason why
God arranges a person to enter your life.
 It is for a better reason when he
chooses to discard you.
The certificate is merely a train ticket. The Masters is like a high speed train; an university degree likens a commuter train. A Diploma is like a ordinary coach, senior high school is like a ticketing station. When all arrive at the station, they discover that the boss is not concerned with their education background. He only wants to know how the applicants come to the scene, and is more concerned what could they contribute to his workforce.
(Hong Kong wealthiest man and
philanthropist Lee Kar Shing says.)
The days in life are getting less and less.
The days remained are becoming more
and more important.
You need to care about the welfare of your parents.
          You need to look after your body as health is important.
                  You need to have balanced diet in your meals.
              You need to reflect correct upbringing in your speech.
     You need to inculcate good educational values to your children.
                  You need to recover well when you fall sick.
            You need to nurture your feeling for your loved one.
       You need to cultivate a correct sense of ethics and rhetoric.
Hey Dad, don't put on such unfriendly look,
it's my friend that you're staring at!
Do not be disheartened.
Although you've never ventured into a journey at the spur
 of the moment, but you do have a big fat body anytime!
And that explains why you couldn't go for that journey.
Talking about my good friend:
The first time I saw him was such a gentle soul.
                          After we're familiar with each other,
                               I have been wondering....
              from which mental sanatorium he was released.
I don't care much if you loathe me.
I don't live to please you.
Turn crisis into an opportunity to change for the better. Swallow your bitterness like having your daily nutrition intake. It is inevitable to face hardship at ebbs of life. So long you don't lose faith and confidence in your own self, no one could bring you down while you persevere.
Seven world reports that you cannot trust:
The British research works
Things made in China
Taiwanese press release
The origin as claimed by South Korea
The announcement made by North Korea
The support promised by the US
The sincere unreserved apology offered by The Philippines.
(Please note: These are not the blogger's opinion).
More and more people are leaving.
Those remain behind are becoming
 more and more indispensable.
Don't go cheating others because those cheated by
 you are the ones who believe in you.
Men are like mango, look yellow at the exterior,
but much more yellow inside.
Women are like eggs; hard at the outside,
pure at inside but very yellow in the mind.
(Chinese language defines 'yellow' as being salacious)

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Captions translated by
Alan  CY  Kok