Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Some funny pictures from China's media newsprint

                                           Handsome, cute little monk
                 It's going to sting! Quick Mom, my eyes can't focus!
                     Mom says this is the best lumbar support
                             for correct posture while sitting,
                                     doing my home works.
            He ain't heavy, he's my brother........it'll be my turn next.
Hello, hello? Is it the Omnipotent Lord Buddha?
I need to consult you on one urgent matter.....
The temple bank account.....
yes, some $1.5 million has gone missing!
                   For heaven's sake, shave it before your competition!
                  Don't tell me your coach has never told you about this?
Wushu Champion in the making. Very precise, 
                                          stylish and impressive pose!
New intake African student for Chinese opera 
classics under stringent training
Edward Scissor-hands Junior
It's okay, so long you don't piss and shit on my head!
Thanks for your generosity. 
I accept credit cards too if you happen to carry no cash.
Pinkish Hello Kitty Superman!
                              It is alright to emulate your president.
                             But why portray him as a Red Indian?
                             The parents have got nothing better to do !
Relax - ah, that's life !
You shall piss here to amuse the leggy car model girls.
Large and long banana from Taiwan for You!
Santaco Airline plane taking off from Entebbe Airport, Uganda
You sure that thing could fly?
Yeah, this pig-headed flying machine sure could fly.
                    Run for your life, lady! The lion is right behind you!
                                      What the heck you're doing?
                       Jealousy, oh Jealousy! The green-eyed monster.
                                           When I was younger,
                                      I ain't fare too bad either!
                                      Sexy Calender Girl for 2013.
                              My! it sure stinks! Farmer Zhang next door 
                    asked me to contribute to this manure pool for his farm.
                             They said 'Being small is beautiful!' 
                         Now I'll say 'Being small is my LUCK !'
Zipped lips! No talking! But what about food and drink in-take?
Can't afford an Audi, so this is an ingenious idea for substitution.
                                The smiling men need to be certain 
                             when they go home with the right ones.
   No comment                        
            Take one shot of us for our holidays abroad to Europe. 
                                                       No comment.

                Pretty and happy bride of the day! Blissful union for the two.
                       Best citizen and police harmony picture ever!
                                      One more thing,
                  please sign this summons before we part company.
Ugliest yet friendliest clown on earth!

Alan CY Kok

Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Lord's Prayer - Beautiful!!

I dedicate this post to all my Catholic friends and folks for their irrevocable devotion of their faith. For readers who are not Catholics, you still will relish in the Lord's Grace, while reading the beautiful prayer.

The Lord's Prayer
The moment you receive it, say:
        Our Father who art in Heaven,
                   hallowed be Thy name,
                    Thy Kingdom come
            Thy will be done, on earth
                    as it is in heaven,
        Give us this day our daily bread
         and forgive us our trespasses
              as we forgive those who 
                  trespass against us
      and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil,
for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, now and forever
Thanks to Ron Lim of LA, USA
for sharing.
Alan CY Kok