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Accident victim pleaded for help from Polytechnic student to help her “going home”

                       Oh My! It's scary to see one like that!

Twenty-year old final year Polytechnic student Huang Min was an internee with a solar energy research company in Tuas, Singapore. She had unusual, repeated dreams that kept on haunting her and that caused her sleepless nights, poor appetite and unhealthy weight loss.

Within 6 days she had the similar dreams twice. She told the press reporters who visited her for more details that, in the dreams she was approached by a Chinese lady ghost, asking her to buy a pair of lady’s shoes so as to help her going home! It was in November 20th 2012 when she first dreamed the eerie dream. Miss Huang continued: “I did not know her; but she kept urging me to buy a pair of shoes for her.” Four days later Miss Huang bought a pair of white and red colored shoes and left them at a corner of her room without much thought of them and went to sleep after a hectic and busy working day.

Human or ghostly image apart from your own appeared in the mirror suddenly will scare the shit out of you!

The next day when she was in the bathroom, getting ready for work she abruptly saw a human image in the mirror behind her own. The apparition was long haired, pale and fair complexion and had a long slender body but was faceless! Miss Huang shrieked and yelled uncontrollably out of her bathroom in a frenzy that shocked her mother.  She then told her parents about the dream she had and she showed the pair of shoes she bought, intending for the lady ghost. Although it was a pair of modern leathered shoes, her parents unanimously blamed her for buying one that suited for the dead as it resembled one for the dead during funeral. Miss Huang was further disturbed for that matter.

The temple medium prepared himself to enter a trance to answer inquiry of their followers. Usually they asked about the well beings of their dear  family members who had since died. 

In the evening hours, Miss Huang’s mother took her to visit a medium clairvoyant to clear her doubt and to sooth her feeling about dreaming something mysterious that was bothering her. During an inexplicable trance in the smoky environment where incense joss sticks burned at a Taoist temple, the medium man fell into deep frenzy and uttered some mumbo-jumbo in a dialect that few persons understood. Eventually they were told that there was a woman in her late 20s wearing a long white flowing dress, sitting by the roadside of a highway, weeping, next to a white car.   She had no legs.

The festival of the Ninth Emperor's birthday in Phuket, Thailand often showcases the presence of self-mutilated bodies among the many believers of their faith. 

That night Miss Huang dreamed that she was flashed few times a date: 2009 January the 5th. Upon waking up she searched the net for any occasion regarding the date. In the end her finding guided her to a news report in the local media print of a nasty accident in which a woman was killed. The news reported that a Chinese woman of Malaysian nationality Xia Wen Le was out driving a white-silvery car when her vehicle was rammed hard at the back by a private bus, pinning her to the dashboard of her car; she was just 29.

This is all too common. One only hopes that no one is injured too badly.

Huang Min revealed that it was on a working day in July 2012 when she took a city bus with her colleague to buy food for their lunch when they passed through the site where the fatal accident took place some three years back. Two days after their visit to he Taoist temple where they witnessed the trance, Huang Min and her mother came to the actual site at 7am where Xia Wen Le lost her life, to offer prayer, to console and appease the deceased’s wondering soul in seeking her passage home. Of course Huang Min brought along the pair of shoes she bought earlier together with other paraphernalia they used during the ritual. Xia who hailed from Ipoh, Perak, was working in Singapore as an electronic technician before her untimely death; she was married. Huang Min was relieved that after their prayers at the site following the instructions given by the temple clairvoyant, her peace of mind returned to her that she could sleep well and had improved appetite for her meals too.

Malaysia is notorious for Mat Rempit movements. Usually the dared devil motorcyclists  showed off   blatantly their outrageous skill in riding their bikes in the weekends.  Nowadays they could be seen in broad day light anytime of the week. The result of one falling off his machines is easily predicted. 

Huang Min’s mother Madam Yang, a 50 year-old clinical assistant had got this to say: “My daughter Min had always possessed the extraordinary ability to sense the presence of the unknown since she was younger; some one told me that it was ESP-Extra Sensory Perception. She was always prone to disturbance of such kind that she would become depressed, desolate and even isolated herself from us. Very often her health would be affected too that as parents, we were very worried and concerned with her state of mind.”  Huang Min added that in the beginning she was wondering why the apparition asked for a pair of shoes. Now she knew, it needed a pair of shoes to “go home.”

Motoring accidents have become very common on Malaysian highways. Now that this had happened, it 's time to determine who was at fault that caused this to happen.

The short story was reported in The Oriental Daily, Malaysia as well as in the main media newsprint of Singapore in the Chinese language. It stirred up quite a sensation when the story was first published. Though photos were available, I chose not to post the pictures of Huang Min and the deceased Xia’s. Life is so unpredictable that some unfortunate persons had their lives ended suddenly in mishaps that they did not deserve. How sad.

Alan CY Kok           

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