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Aging actors and actresses, and some singers

The former wife of tennis star Andrea Agassi - Brooke Shields at 47 looks like an auntie next door. Of course she was a real beauty in her prime. 
France's former glamorous actor Alain Delon used to be a crowd puller in his movies. I'm sorry to say at 77 he looks like a spent bullet.
Ann Margaret had been acting along with Elvis Presley in their youthful days. They were matching playing lovers in the movie "Girl Happy" and that thrilled young fans in their teens. She maintains her look well enough at age 71. 
Sean Connery could not say this anymore: My name is James, James Bond.
The Scots looks his age at 82 this year.
Ursula Andress, the Swiss actress played the part of the 1st Bond Girl emerged from the sea in a wet bikini that captivated James Bond's attention in the movie "Dr No". 
Sophia Loren is one of the few Italian actresses to make it big in Hollywood movies. She is an international acclaimed, good performing actress. She is 78 currently.
Paul Newman died at age 83 in 2008. A very hard working actor, he was known to be a political activist as well. He was most remembered for his role in movies "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and " The Sting" 
Paul Newman was married to Joanne Woodward since 1958 till his demise. They were a role model couple in the Hollywood scenes.
Raquel Welch is till sexy in this picture after her prime days in 1970s & 80s. She is 72 in 2012.
One of the most sought after actors in his prime - Robert Redford does not play much active parts in movies anymore. Born in 1936, he is now 76.
Gina Lollobrigida (another stunning beauty bomb shell actress from Italy) is already 85, born in 1927. Apart from being an actress, she was also a sculptor and a photojournalist.
Gina's waistline had seen better days at 20 inches and now it is 40 inches plus 
Clint Eastwood is already 82, a very far cry from how he looked back in his cowboy, wild wild West, trigger happy movies of the 70s, and 80s.  He had turned director over few films he made.   Clint was best remembered as hero in "For a few dollars more", "The good, The Bad, and The Ugly"and "Dirty Harry". He played a modern day detective in "In the line of fire"- an impressive movie about safeguarding the safety of the American President.

The most brilliant, elegant actress in the 60s to 80s-Audrey Hepburn. Even at a senior age she was still loved by her fans and followers. Audrey was remembered for her role in movies like Roman Holidays, Charade, My Fair Lady, Breakfast at Tiffany and War & Peace. Born in Belgium, the British lady began as a model with her slander body as an advantage. Madam Audrey had an illustrious career in the movie world winning innumerale  accolade of awards. At her later life she was appointed as the UN ambassador for UNESCO. She worked relentlessly towards the welfare of African children; particularly those who suffered from AIDS. Madam Audrey died in January 1993 of rare appendiceal cancer, aged 63. She was buried in Switzerland.
The handsome, suave and flamboyant star Rock Hudson was a very much sought after actor during the top of his career. Unfortunately Hudson was one of the first celebrities who died of AIDS as he was a known homosexual gay. He was 59.
The actress was best known for her numbers of marriages-Elizabeth Taylor was married 8 times. News of her tumultuous married life had never ended with some being scandalous. There was no doubt about her acting talent; Liz was remembered best for her role as the Egyptian Queen in the movie Cleopatra; she was the enchanting actress in all her movies. She also starred in some Shakespearean plays in her younger days; one of them was "Taming of the shrewd".  Dame Taylor died of heart failure at age 79 in 2011.
The very famous God Father - Marlon Brando played the Mafia chief in US to  an astounding success that there were sequels to the movie God Father. In later life he immersed himself in lavish luxury, living on an island he bought. He became so obese that his health tumbled. Brando died at age 80 in 2004 of respiratory illness.

Goldie Hawn has been a successful actress/comedienne in her movie career. Of late she ventured into production, and as a director. at 67, she fares not bad for her outlook. She played well in the movie "Death becomes her" opposite Bruce Willis and Meryl Streep in 1992. She was also remembered in the movie "Foul Play" along side Chevy Chase. The movie was a box office smash back then in late 1970s. Not known to many, she was the living partner to Kurt Russel since 1983. They have a child between them.
Jane Fonda was a pretty actress in her twenties. She hailed from a family of actors; her father was the famous Henry Fonda and her brother Peter also made it big to silver screen career. Her first husband director Roger Vadim made some raunchy movies featuring her in some nude scenes. They married in 1965 and divorced in 1973. Though her movie career had been largely successful, Jane earned a unsavory moniker as "Hanoi Jane" when she visited enemy ground during the height of warring years between US and North Vietnam. It was an anti-war gesture but Jane Fonda offended and angered US politicians and the serving military forces; she was declared a jinx and was cursed widely. She had since apologized.  Since 1980s, she had become a body exercise guru and concentrated her focus on health workouts. She produced and released a series of "Jane Fonda's Workout" videos and sold 17 million copies! 
At 79, Joan Collins still appeared at stars-gathered functions but she could no more be the vixen she played so candidly in the vastly popular TV series "Dallas" & "Dynasty".
I am sorry; this Brigitt Bardot was not the sexy enchantress we used to know. Of couse just like any of us, she had been young and charming too. An enthusiastic campaigner for animal's welfare and rights, she was staunch in her honourable commitment, that she probably had ignored her own welfare. French actress Dame Bardot was 78 in 2012.
Oh my, she was so beautiful - Claudia Cardinale in her 20s. An Italian actress who made it big in Hollywood movieland, Claudia is now 74. She played as the main actress role in the movie Pink Panther. Most of Claudia's movies were French or Italian. She adamantly preferred to remain in Europe when she was not filming in the US. 
Japanese artist Yoko Ono 小野 洋子has never been an actress. She was famous in her role as wife to talented singer/guitarist/composer the late John Lennon. Though the remaining Beatles members Paul McCartney and drummer Ringo Starr had made up with Mrs Yoko "Oh No" Lennon, in their hearts they knew very well she was the cause of the break up of The Beatles. Yoko was a weird lady who once filmed 300 men baring their bottoms in UK. Yoko and John staged a bed-in and invited photographers and reporters for their "give peace a chance" farce, when staying in bed got nothing to do with campaigning for peace. She lured an equally weirdo John to be with her all the time, much to the chagrin to the rest of The Beatles, even when they were recording. In her late 70s she still appeared at entertainers' functions. She was very concerned of her aging that she wore a hat all the time, and a pair of sunglasses to cover her eye-bags but not her eyes. She also wore dresses to show lots of cleavage of her bosoms. Yoko Ono is a very rich woman now, inheriting the cache of wealth left by John Lennon after his death.

The most idolized, popular male singer of the 1960s  from UK Cliff Richard mesmerized his fans all over the world, including the Eastern Bloc nations with his romantic ballads.  Though there were reports of his romantic links with some singers and celebrities, he remains a bachelor till today (Now 72). Cliff had been relatively clean and there had been no reports of awful scandals about him. 
Yak, is that you Mick? Who are you angry with? The founder stone of The rolling Stones Mick Jagger still rocked and performed energetically every now and then in concerts. He will be 70 by July 26th 2013.
Formerly handsome, suave and baby-faced Paul McCartney of The Beatles fame (Singer, bass guitarist and song writer/composer) remains active in his musical career spanning over half a century. A very talented pop artiste, Paul was 70 in 2012. His bitter divorce with then 40 yr old Heather Mills in 2008 took a slice of his billions worth of wealth off him; it was a whooping 24.3 million Pound Sterling plus 35,000 per annum. She was granted the custody of their daughter Beatrice who was born in Oct. 2003.
Boy George in the 1980s-This singer of "Karma Chameleon"fame was not great enough to be mentioned in the Hall of Fame, but his outrageous dressing and make-up were well-remembered. His MTV on "Karma Chameleon" was a great success; it hit no.1 at the top chart in 16 countries and stayed as no.1 in the US for three weeks upon its release.
                                                 Boy George in the 2010s

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