Saturday, 5 January 2013

Letter from KK Low, Australia.

                At 7.6 million sq. km, Australia is a huge continental country.

My friend KK Low who hailed from Penang, left Malaysia in 1992 for Australia to seek a more congenial working life after his stints in KL and other parts of Asia.  Though wanting to remain in Malaysia after some tough, initial years, he did not like the political ambience then. Eventually he made a bold decision to emigrate to Australia to begin a new, challenging and more enriched life. He has since retired and settled down in Australia comfortably. Though he has been away from Malaysia for many years (about two decades), he has never lost touch with what is going on to his former country as he still has strong feeling for his birth nation. Now in his early 60s, KK is based in Melbourne. He wrote me an enlightening letter just when we entered 2013. Here it is:

Hi Alan,

I hereby sincerely wish you and your family a very blessed, successful New Year. Sad to say my former country is going down the tube because of a few racist politicians. I can only say about my new country Australia - it is a country of immigrants.

The questions that are always in the minds of politicians: Do migrants contribute to the host country? And how do they contribute? Well, let us look at the scenarios in Australia:

                      The National Emblem  - The Australian Coat of Arms 

1) In the early days of white colonialism, Anglo Saxon, mostly convicts were dumped into Australia. Most of these so called convicts have very simple crime such as stealing a piece of bread. The Anglo Saxons drove the aboriginal people into the deserts. They developed the land into sheep and wheat farms.
2) Then the Irish came. They were Catholics and were discriminated by the Anglo Saxon. Catholics brought their business and of course the Catholic Church. Chinese miners came to work in the mines. Nowadays Malaysian Chinese brought in their Malaysian food, ingredients, eateries, food courts and restaurants.

Captain James Cook (as seen in this painting) first set foot on Australia's Eastern shore, near Sydney in April 1770 on board The British warship HMS Endeavour. Captain Cook was killed in Hawaii by the local natives during his 3rd voyage. In 1788 the first fleet of 11 ships landed around Sydney with 1,500 convicts, crew members, and guards. Captain Arthur Phillip was named as the 1st Governor of the new colony of New South Wales when he raised The Union Jack - The British flag. Since then, migration to Australia had never ceased. 

3) The Europeans (Italians, Greeks, and Dutch) came and we have winery, Guinness Stout and beer, and Greek food, etc. The Jews came with nothing but built up business empires instead and owned lots of land.
4) East Europeans came. They helped built roads, dams and filled up the factories.
5) Then we have the WHITE POLICY legalized in 1901 when Australia became a nation.
6) Colombo Plan period where Asians especially Malaysians and Singaporeans were given scholarships to study in Australia. Some of them remained and became famous doctors, accountants and economists etc. Their children went further up the level and became specialists.

These three wild lives are synonymous with Australia's animal kingdom viz. the Kangaroo, the Koala Bear and the Wombat.

7) Slowly the White Policy was dismantled and abolished.
8) Then we saw the arrival of the Vietnamese boat people in the 1970s. Children of these boat people became successful business people, and professionals. Luke Nguyen is our famous celebrity chef. This is also the period where more Malaysian Chinese were migrating to Australia after May 13, 1969. We have our much respected Penny Wong, Minister of Finance. Her father is a Malaysian from the state of Sabah.
9) The 1982 Tiananmen issue. Mainland Chinese students in Australia were allowed to remain in Australia and qualified for PR.
10) UMNO putra issues. More Malaysian Chinese came here. Australia just loves and welcomes these talented people - doctors, dentists, teachers, economists, engineers, lawyers, chefs. In the process we also accepted some drug traffickers.

  A heart warming picture of multiracial gathering of university students.
The varsity class in progress. Malaysia ruling government's leaders hate and love Australia all the same. On one hand they're surprised, envy and even jealous at the harmonized environment among the various races as the down under country does not practise segregation. On the other hand some of them were educated there and some sent their children to Australia for tertiary education. Some of the govt. leaders even possess Australian PR or citizenship until they were  told to give up when the fact uncovered. In 1997 a former chief minister entered Australia with a stash of cash in the millions was caught and charged. When questioned, he had the cheek to argue that he could not understand English! Real sneaky scoundrel!
The enticing Sydney Opera House at the harbour is one of the top landmark of Australia.

Chinese people in Sydney celebrating the Lunar New Year are as feverish as any other Chinese communities elsewhere in the world.  

11) Mainland Chinese Students and business people began to migrate to Australia. They bring in huge wealth and contacts in China. Today it was estimated there are a million ethnic Chinese (out of 24 million) living in Australia. If the UMNOputras were to worry about the Chinese presence in Malaysia, they should look out of Malaysia to see how the Chinese fare, in Singapore, Mainland China, Taiwan, even Chinese Thailand and Chinese Australians. These people have no NEP. (New Economic Policy or Never ending policy)

Malaysians are very familiar with the Australian flag, be it in its dairy products or sports events.
University of Melbourne - one of the oldest and well-known Australian centre of higher education. 

12) Lately boat people from Middle East, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka made a beeline towards down under. Why do Muslims from these countries bypass Malaysia - a Muslim country, to come to Australia which is a predominantly white Christian country? These Islamic people know well we treat them better than their brother Muslims elsewhere.

The panoramic view of Sydney Harbour from the air paints a peaceful and serene picture though the city is vibrant and energized with hives of economic activities. 
Sydney has been voted as best university student city. The University of Sydney is the oldest in the country, founded in 1850.

So Australia is a migrant country. What has these migrants given back to Australia? Australia and Malaysia have similar population size.
Let’s look at some facts, consider the cruel fact regarding the horror of pushing or compelling your own citizens out of your country, or designing some draconian policies so that they would just meekly leave.
1) Australia has more scientists and Nobel Prize winners. Many new drugs, medical equipment, etc were researched and developed by Australians.
2) Australia has more well known actors, singers, athletics, (swimmers). In one year even a bad year Australians won more medals than Malaysia in 10 years in World Games or Olympics. This is because Australia practises meritocracy.

This is the University of Western Australia's main campus building. 

3) Australian companies are much larger than Malaysian companies - as compared even to those illegally acquired by the politicians. The 4 Australian banks are the top 15 by market capitalization in the world. The mining companies, oil and gas are among the largest in the world.
4) We have better know universities.
5) Higher GDP and that results higher living standards.
6) More Australians own their homes.
7) Better medical facilities. In a private hospital in Melbourne there are 136 specialists. Out of this 26 are with Chinese names.
8) Better facilities for the old people, disabled, unemployed.
9) More transparency. Fewer bribes occur. John Howard the former Prime Minister was voted out in the previous election. He graciously admitted defeat and resigned as leader of his party. You think the recalcitrant Mahathir and his successors would do the same?

How could the Australian PM branded me as "recalcitrant"! I'm the victim of slander, you know!
In 1993 Paul Keating the then PM of Australia gave the unsavory remark to Malaysia's all time big mouth. 

The list goes on and on. This is because Australia understands and knows how to appreciate the talents of migrants. They are accepted into the society and given a free hand to explore and to prosper.

Australia's acceptance of migrants is PROGESSIVE to the country. Malaysia's DISCRIMINATION against her own people is REGRESSIVE for the country. Race based politics are so blatantly wrong to a comparatively new nation like Malaysia.


Yes, that much. Migrating to Australia is still going on over the past few decades, though the nation tends to be stricter and more fastidious with regards to the influx of immigrants.

Sad to say many voters in Malaysia still do not accept the concept of another alternative political party. They deem corruption and greed acceptable as ways of life. Some sections of the population are negligible and can be ignored in their opportunity for business, education (places in the universities and scholarships etc.), employment and promotions in civil service, financial aids and loans, public work contracts, issuance of IPOs and govt.bonds, owning houses, and many other supposed benefits.

Kind regards

Alan CY Kok


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