Saturday, 12 January 2013

More nature's living things

                                    Is this the legendary Angry Bird?
                              Rabbit in a sea of carrots! How wonderful! 
                               Chiak Beh Liau! ( Can't finish the food!)

We're disguising as a hairy caterpillar as well as keeping ourselves warm.
                                          Catch me if you can!
                                                The outreach - ah, almost there!
Ugliest dog on earth but you'll see my fun side below:
                        The sea-hawk nestlings will have sumptuous good meal! 
                     Come on, a little push at my ass will see me there.
                 Wait, let me balance my footing first before you come hugging me!
Damn the glass window, otherwise I can fly all the way to the kitchen.
               Let's do the stretching together, before we hunt for food.
                            Oh my! My little duckling takes a tumble.
                        Don't interrupt, I've not finished my speech yet.
Anyway you don't look like my mother or my kind, just a kiss with a long wet tongue.
                           Oh Shit! Some one took my pic while I'm at it.
                                  Hang it there or both of us will fall
            This is the safest sanctuary under the wings of mother dove.
                                Kingfisher eating rodent, is it possible?
                         A hairy elephant with white hair all over it.
Such cold weather, I couldn't find the nuts I buried before winter storm came.
                                 Where is the nest now, destroyed?
Oops, sure it hurts!
Kermit the Frog resting minus his banjo
Wake me up if any stranger gets close by.
           Got to leave town, otherwise my owner will sell my babies!
                                               You called me, Sir?
                 Hang on there, no fear, I'll rescue you to a safe place.
We're both infants, so don't you bully me.
 This puppy is the mascot for PAWS - the pet rescue & adoption mission.

                               Thank you for viewing these pictures.

 Pictures are mostly obtained from this media print:

Alan CY Kok

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