Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Record breaking old father and mother

Proud parents of the newly arrived child posed for a photo-shot. At 96, the man broke the record to become the oldest new father.

An exalted 96 year-old Ramjeet Raghav rushed to the Kharkhoda Hospital, Haryana, about 30kms from New Delhi, India to receive news of his newborn baby boy. The doctors and nurses had doubt that he was the one who fathered the infant. Embarrassed and getting a bit indignant, Ramjeet insisted that he was the legitimate father and no one else. In fact he claimed that he had one boy child born two years ago by his wife Shakuntala Devi. At 52, Shakuntala was not young either but still retained the ability to conceive. Both husband and wife remained sexually active and with new baby’s arrival, Ramjeet Raghav broke the record to become the world’s oldest new father at 96. He had told his wife to be sterilized for financial reasons though he claimed to be capable to have few more children. He wanted his two boys to attend classes once they reach the school going age. ABC news of India, however could not confirm Ramjeet’s actual age.

              Ramjeet Raghav: I could have more babies if I want.

And now we have a story of an old Romanian lady giving birth to her daughter at age 66; and that is a record alright.
An elated, contented Adriana proved to be a dotting mother to her new-born; she looked after her baby daughter meticulously. News of her giving birth placed her in the limelight though she is a very private person.

Meet Adriana Iliescu, the world’s oldest mother at 66 when she gave birth to a lovely, healthy daughter named Eliza in January 2005. Now at 72, Adriana has been a well-known Romanian writer and part-time university lecturer on Romanian literature based in Bucharest. She conceived the child via IVF (in Vitro Fertilisation) on donated sperm and egg implanted (Embryo Transfer-"ET") by a Romanian fertility expert.   Eliza is a healthy, energetic and happy 5 year-old girl; they are very close as mother and daughter.  As an extremely private person Adriana took offence whenever strangers questioned her intention of having a child at an advanced age as her face was heavily wrinkled. Even the nuns cursed her at the church during the christening ceremony of Eliza. Some unkind people mocked her as “Great Grandmother” to her precious daughter. She attributed these irritating sarcasms brewed out of jealousy.
Mother and daughter's casual walk on the street tends to attract curious onlookers.
 Mother and daughter has been inseparable. They are so closely bonded.

Adriana married at 20 and became pregnant soon but doctors advised her to have an abortion as she had then just recovered from TB. Her husband left her when she was 24, and she never remarried but continued her education for her doctorate to become an academic. Born to a wealthy, middle-class family, Adriana expects her daughter Eliza will inherit her properties (all 3 of them) after her passing. A guardian has been appointed in the event Adriana dies before her daughter reaches adulthood.  
Adriana IIlescu had been young and pretty before, just like any other lady.  

Adriana is rather eccentric and lonely by her character though she does have a group of close friends and confidants. She is always dressed immaculately to be seen as an elegant old lady. She claimed that it was the best thing she had ever done by giving birth to sweet and intelligent Eliza. Adriana believed that she still has a lot to give to her young daughter; she hopes to live until Eliza is about 20, studying in a university as her own parents had lived until their very ripe age. By then she will be in her 90s.

At 5, Eliza displays confidence and intelligence on her face. She will grow up normally despite having an aged mother; she begins to notice the parents in her preschools are much younger than her mother. Eliza also had asked her mother the reason for the absence of a father to her. 

Alan CY Kok

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