Friday, 18 January 2013

Thought Provoking: Have faith in your own self

A lot of trouble would disappear
if only people would only learn
to talk to one another
instead of talking about
                     one another.....                             
When people walk away from you,
let them go
Your destiny is never tied
to anyone who leaves you
It doesn't mean they are bad people
It just mean that their
part in your story is over.
People nowadays are like BlueTooth
If you stay close they stay connected
If you do away they find new devices
Human life would be perfect if
Anger had a stop button
Hard times had a forward button
And good times a pause button!
Always welcome your problems
Because problems give you dual advice
Firstly you can learn how to solve them
Secondly you lean how
to avoid them in future
Have faith in your own self!
Reflection cannot be seen in
boiling water in the same way
Truth cannot be seen
in a state of anger
Analyse before you finalize.
Success is like a beautiful lover
It will leave us at anytime
But faith is like a mother
It will teach us some
important lessons of life!
A good heart can win many relationships
                  A good nature can win many good hearts!                       
A touch could heal a wound
An eye could speak volumes
               A smile can confirm I am here!!                 
The bird asks the bumblebee:
You work so hard to make the honey
And humans just take it away
Doesn't it make you feel bad?
No, said the bee: Because they will never
take from me The Art of Making It!

Thanks to Derrick Lim of Penang Island
for sharing the wonderful pictures. 

Alan CY Kok

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