Thursday, 3 January 2013

World Toilet Signs for Gents and Ladies

                        Mind the slippery floor before you enter the loo.
                             Help! We're trapped in the virtual world!
               Can't make up which is which, luckily I read some English.
           You don't have to read the ABC, the graphic is clear enough.
               Skeletal drawing - quite grotesque, don't you think so!
                               Ah this is easy - just Lady and Gentleman.
                           Don't know what the heck it is?? Star fish??
                                    Elephant trunk is for man, right?
                       What language is this? Obviously it means toilet!!
 The Big Bad Wolf entering the ladies' toilet!  Is that what it means ?
That's the way you're going to place your legs if you're in a hurry.
                                      Toilet is no place for games.
                                             ??????? Chairs or what??
                    It's either toilet for islamic patrons or for Eskimos.
                                These signs do not tell anything!
                                     This is obvious harrassment!
                               This is for people who doesn't read.
We're trying to be modest.
These signs are misleading-one may guess it's the prayer house.
                                    Care for card games in the toilet?

Thanks to Yvonne Choo for sharing.

Alan CY Kok

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