Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Worst parenting behaviour

                                        Punching child or punching bag?
                                  Too young to do such stunt! It's suicidal!
                                 Hoh ho, it's live snake you're munching.
                              I hope the father knows what he's doing.
Don't worry. It's the father browsing, he can't teach the baby anything yet.
A real idiotic handling of a child.
                    One young member for Rifles Association grooming.
                 Know what's claustrophobia, the child sure does; he's sobbing!
                                   This adult has gone out of his mind!
                   Holy cow! Train the kid to smoke, unthinkable! Damn it!
                     Looks like it's the only way to stop baby from crying.
                                     This man has gone crazy.
The kid is under duress but the beast isn't interested. The parents should go to jail for this.

Alan CY Kok

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