Saturday, 30 March 2013

Changing faces of famous personalities



The late Col. Gaddafi of Libya. 

One of the most fearsome international leader - 
Vladimir Putin of Russia today.


Many thanks to Jeremy Kong for sharing.
Alan CY Kok

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ghostly incidents Part 1

Story A: Who’s the lady sitting at the back of your car?

After a tiring and exhaustive day at his office - an electronic plant that specialized in producing micro-chips, engineer SY Tan made a beeline towards the factory’s open-air car park. It was 8pm and the sky had already turned pitch dark. Despite wearing a thick working jacket when he stepped into the open air, SY felt an unusual chill around him when he unlocked his car. “That’s funny…” He murmured, “There’s no wind blowing around here, yet I feel cold; and it isn’t raining too.” SY started his car and with his normal self casually glanced at his rear-view mirror as he slowly drove to leave the now deserted car park. Heck? Who’s that at my back seat! SY shouted audibly as he was startled to see a long haired woman with an icy-cold look staring at him from the back seat. In the split of seconds he could not make up the ethnicity of the apparition he saw. He stopped promptly at the brightly lit guard house and jumped out of his car. The security guards were surprised and bemused to see SY’s queer behavior. SY then realized that he had acted funnily as there was no one at the back seat of his car as he gestured wildly and stammered with incomplete sentences to talk to the guards.

SY was embarrassed as the guards found no one seated at the back of his car.

SY continued his drive back home feeling embarrassed; he attributed his sight of some unwelcome guest in his car as his own hallucination out of sheer exhaustion. Still he kept looking at his rear view mirror as he drove on. The traffic was slow but otherwise smooth-flowing. SY was following a car ahead of him with a careful distance; he noticed that there was a woman sitting at the back seat of the car ahead of him. As he was wondering why she would not sit next to the driver, he bumped into the car ahead of him. SY could not brake in time, albeit it was a gentle shove. Both cars came to a halt by the road shoulder with the respective owners out of their vehicles to view their damage. SY heaved a sigh to note that no one was injured and the cars were more or less intact.  He apologized to the driver of the other car, a middle aged man profusely, taking the blame on his worn out concentration. The middle aged gentleman was not agitated and was calm and cool. He told SY that all were alright since no one was injured in the incident; they would proceed their separate ways. Before they parted company, SY asked: Thank Goodness we’re alright, but how about the passenger lady you carried at the back of your car?” “What passenger? I was all alone driving my car! You’re seeing things, please don’t frighten me!” SY was left speechless and alone as the man hurriedly left the scene in his car in full throttle.

Drivers' nightmare! Ever heard of the night stalker? Looming to strike on helpless victims.

Story B: The deceased technician was constantly seen clocking in

                           A group of holiday makers enjoyed immensely 
                                         during their visit to a waterfall.
                                  Smiling faces showed that they were all
                                         elated to have made the trip.

Peter Ng was exalted to learn of the acceptance of his application to begin his employment as a junior engineer at one distinguished electronic plant at Kuala Lumpur’s suburbia. Peter had been seeking for working opportunity for the last three months since his graduation from one local twinning university program in electronic engineering. This was the 9th attempt; he exclaimed excitingly as his phoned his father and told him the good news. “My persistence bears fruit finally.”

Such serenity, with comfy and relaxing ambiance to emit aura so as to entice you for a quick, cool dip. That's so rewarding after travelling hundreds of miles to reach the natural waterfall resort.

Peter worked diligently at the electronic factory though he had to work in night shifts at least twice a week. He did not mind at all and accepted the working demands without complaint as he knew the fact that he after all was a newbie and a junior engineer. Very quickly he built a close rapport among his colleagues; one of them was Joshua Lee who worked only in night shifts as a senior technician for the past 5 years. Peter and Joshua hit out quickly and were always together when they went outings in the weekends to nature parks, beaches, and water falls etc. They were both about 24 years old and had no girl friends or steadies. Both were football crazy and passionate about virtual electronic games. 

Wonder he could sleep there in such posture? Could not see his head....Is he still alive? It's a dared devil stunt. Leave him alone but don't emulate him.

In the latest outing with Joshua, Peter was swimming in the natural pool of the waterfall at the foothill of a tropical rain forest. Suddenly heavy rain began to fall with loud thunder and with lightning striking menacingly. Some rocks at upper part of the waterfall were dislodged among huge boulders to roll and fell into the poll below. Visitors were seen running for their life hither and thither to avoid being hit. When the melee was over Peter found Joshua missing. Eventually his dead body was found at the upper pool of the waterfall 20 meters above where Peter soaked himself in the cool mountain stream. Adventurous Joshua was trying for his ultimate quest as his adrenalin flowed when he climbed precariously upwards without informing others. There were notice boards erected at that height to warn visitors about impending dangers but he ignored them. Poor Joshua suffered a fatal deep cut at his neck when a foot-ball sized rock hit him, rendering him unconscious when he basked in the upper pool of the waterfall resort. He was drowned in a hillside pool filled with his own blood.  

As a mountainous equatorial country, Malaysia is not short of waterfalls along the myriad of mountains and hills in midst of tropical rain forests. The pictures show the multi-levels of cascading waterfalls. 

The sudden demise of good buddy Joshua saddened Peter immensely. He was upset for weeks to accept the cruel fact that life could be unpredictable and accidents could happen in a split of second to change one’s fate. Peter was perplexed as he was stopped at the guard house by different security guards a few times when he reported to work. They repeatedly asked him was it true that Joshua Lee had died in a waterfall incident. Peter’s answer to them was positively certain as he was there at the waterfall resort and he attended the funeral, so what made them asked the question over and over again? Well, the guards told Peter the strange phenomena: Practically all the security guards on duty at the guard house had seen Joshua clocking in to work; mostly during the unholy wee hours of 2 to 3 am; he was not riding his motor-cycle like he used to do. He usually appeared suddenly at the entrance to clock in his attendance and disappeared. However the HR department vehemently rebuked that his attendance card had long been removed following his death. Still two supervisors of the night shifts reported to have seen Joshua’s ghost moving around the factory premises at different time and place. Three months later Peter Ng had enough of the eerie tales he heard so often from his colleagues that he resigned to find employment in another part of the city. He wanted earnestly to be in a new working environment as life  needed to go on. 

Alan CY Kok