Tuesday, 19 March 2013

See how citizens of the third world edge out a living (Sadly China included).

                            Kungfu master demonstrates his lightweightness 
                         skill - Qing Gong 轻功at the courtyard of his house.
Motorized carriage vehicle ferries pupils to their school; not everyone gets a seat, though.
                                               I am speechless.
                                    It's okay, practice made perfect. 
                              If he fumbles, his pay of the day is gone.
Don't underrate human power; neither should you overlook safety.
I need to deliver this motorcycle to my wife.
But I have difficulty getting myself balanced.

                      Banana artistic craftsmanship. It won't last, of course. 
                       Dressed smartly with Gucci suits - on the way to work.

This man has enormously powerful legs if he is paddling a bicycle.   
                     But it seems to be a moped or motor-cycle.                                       
When one is too free, he has ways to impress others.
Oh my Goodness! Will the patient remain alive after the torture? I mean dental treatment!
A clear picture of stupid people doing obviously self-harming stunt.
         The stunt does not prove anything except his own bigotry.
Talk about being overweight........but this is too much!
This has becoming too common. However carrying 
9 passengers is quite a record. 
If you have customers to buy your buns, will it be 
cumbersome to bring the whole thing down? 
Enough load for a lorry; yet a bicycle will do the delivery. Mind the traffic!
Just like walking the tight rope in the air.
This man has got the perfect balancing skill.
This show that the dim-sum restaurant is doing very well, attracting lots of customers.
You sure this is still road worthy?
If he managed to sell one basket full of eggs,
he would not be able to go on cycling with ease.

Another case of finding nothing to do at home.
It is ingenious idea, could save some money buying diapers. 
Only hope the cup won't flip over with baby movements. 
Is it a water melon atop his head?
It is attracting sharpshooter to aim
for his head!
Wonder how the traffic police enforcement unit allow this?
Discarded computer parts on the way for recycle process.
Baby weightlessness to defy gravity force?Or spider man in the making?
This piping walkway helps us to cut short our journey
and to save time. We only hope the authority do not
mistake us as saboteurs to damage the pipes.

Guess this picture had been doctored. 
The man isn't performing street stunts.
just to earn a living in China,
In fact he doesn't  even look Chinese too.

Many thanks to Alex Chin for sharing

Alan CY Kok

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