Saturday, 20 April 2013

Chinese men who marry African beauties

Ever since the China's party leaders appealed to its citizens to heed the campaign to 'Go out and Explore', many Chinese people left their villages and cities to discover a total change of environment from their roots in China. Many of them found themselves landed in wild, and widely different African nations. A score of them managed to find African Black ladies to be their matrimonial partners; most of them have even fathered mixed bred children. There had been many reports of Chinese women marrying Blacks. Comparatively there were fewer cases of Chinese men willing and bold enough to bring theirs wives and mixed blooded children back home. Reporter Wu Jin-Jin of who uploaded the pictures commented that such trend (marrying African ladies) could help to diminish or alleviate the gender imbalance of China.

The lucky handsome man who hailed from Hubei found a wife in a Tanzanian charmer. 
A Chinese man and his Angolan wife waited patiently for a community function to begin. Meanwhile his pretty wife reacted coyly to face the camera.
The happily married couple run a Chinese restaurant in Congo to earn a living. The man is a Fujian guy and they communicate in Chinese Mandarin.
This Chinese man  was seen at the subways seated closely to his female companion in South Africa; They caught our attention when they conversed in Chinese Mandarin!
A middle-aged Chinese farmer seated solemnly with his Gabonese wife smiling broadly.
The businessman from Liaoning has an Utopian wife to keep him company.
This African woman carries a toddler in her arms-the baby has some Chinese facial features. Her husband is a Chinese farmer who has since returned to China. 
This is one happy family. The child will grow up to be a stunning beauty some day.
This lucky man has two gorgeous Black girl friends with him. His face is obscured to protect his identity
The son of a wealthy Sichuan man marries a former Miss Kenya beauty.  
A beaming Mr. Xie Zhi Gang had a picture taken with his bride on his wedding day.
A Shantung farmer had a daughter with his Kenyan wife but she died when their child was 2-year old. Now he runs a vegetable farm in the suburb of Nairobi whilst looking after his daughter. It is a tough feat alright. The girl carries more African features than her father's Chinese genes.
Chinese man had his picture taken with some lady-friends in a social gathering. His face was obscured to protect his identity.
This two are brother and sister-They carry some Chinese elements in their out-look. The girl has straight hair like most Asians.
This young man too, is of mixed parentage.
This is somebody influential and important-Jean Ping, the current Chairman of The Commission of the African Union (AU). His father is a Zhejiang WenZhou Chinese and mother, a Gabonese tribal chief's daughter. 

The China-Town of Lagos, (The Chinese quarters) Nigeria is nick-named fabulously as the "China's West Africa'. It is a well-developed gated residential zone filled with bungalows in the middle of Lagos City. It is the dream of many Nigerian ladies to marry the Chinese men living at the quarters there. It was the vigorously carrying out of aid rendered by China to develop the African Economic Projects that brought in the bachelor men from China. Many of them have indeed won the hearts of the Nigerian girls (or the other way round). Some of them were able to speak Mandarin Chinese years after their marriage. 

A former farmer from AnHua district, Hunan, joined a building and construction company to come to Nigeria as a construction worker. He married a pretty African lass 5-year later but chose to remain in Lagos City of Nigeria when his team returned to China upon the completion of the project. He opened a mini-market near the sea-side for a living with his wife (Pictured here at the left) helping out as his assistant. They have a mixed blooded child. 

Many thanks to CC Koh for sharing
Alan CY Kok


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