Thursday, 11 April 2013

Ghostly Incidents Part 2

So poetic with serene ambiance, yet at the same time it carries an eerie feeling that invokes potential danger and fear.

Whilst driving home Larry could not concentrate well.

While waiting for his desktop computer to shut down, Larry stretched his body long and wide, yawning loudly as he glanced at his now empty office. He stood up to check were there any ones else remained in their cubicles apart from him, then proceeded to pick up his laptop backpack to call it a day after an exhaustive yet fruitful day. “Great!” Larry murmured to himself as he turned off the lights and air-conditioning. “It’ll be about 8pm when I reach home; I still will have enough time and energy for work-out at my condo gym before dinner.”  The senior engineer of the electronic plant where he worked decided to walk the stairs 4 storey down to the open-air car park as the long corridor leading to the lift lobby was dark and deserted.

Group hysteria occurs frequently in electronic factories - Don't know why?

As Larry pushed the heavy fire-proofed safety door to the stairs, he lamented that the door was rather heavy, “Guessed it was unusual, damned!”  He began his nimble-stepped walk down the stairs but almost immediately he picked up an irritating, revolting stench. “What the heck! Has something just died” This time he was cursing. A strong gust of cold wind instantly blew from the lower floor to him as he staggered down; he felt a sudden chill to his bones and the unbearable stinking scent was getting stronger. For a while he was delirious and disoriented. Thinking that it must be a thunder storm outside the office building since the ground floor door was blown open ajar. Larry was surprised to notice that the weather was absolutely fine; the sky was getting dark with orange hue blurring, and the trees were not swaying. The atmosphere was a picture of placid serenity by the time Larry reached his car.

Larry left his office building quickly in his car for his home in a stupor, driving unsteadily and slowly as he realized that he had then developed a fever of sorts and was not his normal self. He managed to reach home safe and sound after half an hour drive. He declared to his family members that he was dogged tired, needed lots of undisturbed rest then headed to his bathroom where he vomited before taking his hot water shower. Larry skipped dinner and was bed-ridden for two more days before he resumed work, without seeing a doctor. He did swallow two ‘Aspirin’ (Panadol) pills to bring his body temperature down.

Larry found it hard to drive with full concentration as he had become incoherent of thought, due to overwork and exhaustion.

When Larry regained his health and returned to his workplace, he was told of many similar incidents experienced by his colleagues, the fellow engineers and technicians. About 4 decades ago the electronic factory plant acquired the adjacent land next to its perimeters from some village folks. It was meant for the future expansion scheme but the plant workers advocated for a badminton court complex where they could practice their skill for this popular sports to keep fit. Then again the chief operation manager turned down their plight and request, citing financial constraint reasons. Later the management decided to turn the plot of unused land into an open-air car park. As the work machines roared to flatten the ground and clear the undergrowths of lallangs (tall grass plants) and low shrubs, some unknown and unidentified Muslim graves were bulldozed unintentionally.  They were badly damaged and desecrated and no remedial steps were taken to appease the dead, and thus there were numerous incidents of haunting, they claimed. Though it was a Western investing establishment, the management finally bowed to local customs, ethics and belief to engage the service of some bomohs (shamans) to exorcise the wondering souls by reciting Quranic verses in prayers. Since then the scenario had improved and fewer inexplicable haunting incidents were reported. For quite a while the electronic plant enjoyed some peace and tranquility without disturbance of the eerie kind.

She saw the apparition of a dark shadow raised slowly at the end of her bed, staring at her with large, icy cold, intimidating eyes.  

Three engineers of an electronic plant based in Kuala Lumpur were summoned to go to their affiliated company in Malacca to help solve some urgent technical matters. Sharifah, Khairy and Larry were told their service was wanted as the Malacca plant was short handed in the specialty they were indulged within their daily operation. The minus point was that they were only given notice to leave town within 12 hours.

The charming heritage hotel paints a quiet yet dark-shadowed background when dimly lighted; it is connected to a modern towering hotel block behind it though.

The three young engineers travelled in a Toyota sedan driven and owned by Larry; they were in their late 20s and only Sharifah was married with children. After a couple of leisure drive through the North-South Highway they reached their Malacca plant in mid-morning. They were greeted by their Malacca counterparts and after a round of welcoming tea and refreshment they were ushered to where they would begin their mission.  By the time the tired trio completed their task after an exhaustive and tensed day, it was well into the night. After a quick dinner they checked into a 5-starred hotel (Reservations were made earlier by their office) in downtown Malacca named The Majestic Heritage, which was owned by a large conglomerate business empire LTY of Kuala Lumpur. All of them were dogged tired and had no appetite for good food; they had only wanted to hit the bed right away. They were given three standard deluxe rooms at the 18th floor of the hotel with their respective room next to each other. Sharifah chose the middle room. She called her husband and was told that her children had slept. She then proceeded for her bath and thereafter she entered dreamland.

No one wants to experience that, with an uninvited apparition appeared while one sleeps.

Sharifah opened her eyes around 2am when she felt very cold despite she had tuned the room temperature to her optimum preference and she had worn thick clothing with blanket covering her. She had purposely left a table lamp light on in case she needed to go to the bathroom. She was surprised to see the curtain in the room was half-drawn, letting in so much pale moonlight that she could see clearly everything in her hotel room. Just then Sharifah had a shock of her life with her sighting an eerie ghostly apparition. A dark shadowy female figure in flowing white satin gown appeared at the end of her bed where her legs laid under the blanket; slowly it raised from the floor and ‘floated’ there in thin air to stare at Sharifah with large, icy cold, intimidating eyes. She was instantly frozen with indescribable fear. “Ah……….” Sharifah screamed with all her might but she sounded so feeble that it was nothing more than a whimper. The apparition seemed to be confronting her without the intention of leaving; there were trying moments of losing her senses that she would be subdued and cast under a wicked spell by the towering haunting figure. Sharifah did what frail women would do in time of crisis; she hid under her blanket with her whole body covered and began to chant Islamic prayer verses. It seemed that her inept escape from her mire worked as she blacked out from her tremendous fear in cold sweat ,and sheer exhaustion. 

Museums are also susceptible to the haunting of unknown paranormal visitors.

The next moment when Sharifah opened her eyes it was already in the morning at 7.30am. She rushed through her usual ritual of her daily chores getting ready to work and thereafter met her colleagues at the breakfast table in the hotel restaurant. Both Larry and Khairy noticed her slightly swollen, red eyes. Apparently she had not been sleeping well. As a usually reticent chap Khairy suddenly chirped in with jest: “You looked like you have seen a ghost…..” Sharifah was slightly furious at his remark; she stood up and pretended to hit Khairy with her handbag. “Talking about Ghost…..tell you what…..” She poured all her sorrowful encounter and ordeal amid her anguish to the two silent eager listeners. The two male engineers claimed to have heard unruly noises coming from Sharifah’s room, there seemed to have lots of banging going on in Sharifah’s room. They endured the noisy disturbance but decided not to interfere as she was a lady. They packed their belongings and left the hotel hurriedly to where they belonged.

These are true stories.
Alan CY Kok

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