Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Icy cold Siberia

 Ah, that's what I call life! Don't hurry me, your turn will come.

You guys please excuse me; my butt is hurting me from the severe cold. I give up!

                         Stop dragging me like this, you fools!
                                    I'm still alive you know?

                Can't tell what are those; lobsters, carrots, large shrimps?
              You're enjoying yourself while I wait freezing to my bones!

    .......then comes spring time...after Santa has gone to the front line.
Santa Claus the Scavenger? Not necessary, he's just clearing his gift bag. 
               Branded boots bought from Alaska - It's American you know!
      This sure will prevent frost bite during severe, sub-zero winter time.   
                                      Though it's helluva awful looking!                            

               That's why Russians are known for their large built physique.

                Dad said things got to start early - learn to drink Vodka!
                                        What you staring at?

Hey say, you know which way to the nearest zoo?

It's unsightly like a square peg in a round hole. On the other hand, make good what you have.
    Do you know the way to Vladivostok? Can we hitch a ride from you?

Drunkards are common sights in this part of Russia.
 Come on guys, warm up faster! You should be ashamed of yourself, 
     When I was younger I could move faster than you young fellas!
                                Now go run for another 10 km.
Oh My, Couldn't you find better place for sun-bathing?

     Learning ice-skating on dry ground? Can't you wait until winter time?

             The public commuting bus company has been very considerate.

Alan CY Kok

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