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Landless farmer of Bihar, India, moved a mountain single-handedly

Well, here is a story of a respectable Indian man who single-handedly moved a mountain!

In Chineses language, it is most apt to descibe such deed by a distiguished man as 愚公移山 (read as Yu Gong Yi Shan) . Briefly translated, it means "Bigoted old man's silly attempt to move a huge mountain." It also signifes the grandness of the monumental task to overcome hardship.

Dashrath went about his chores in the morning with his simple tools,
watched by curious fellow villagers.

About five decades ago, Dashrath Manjhi, a landless farmer from Gahlor Gahti of Gaya, Bihar decided to take into task the difficulties of his fellow villagers who were almost cut off from the rest of the world by rocky hills, almost making the place impassabe.

Dashrath Manjhi died in August 17th 2007, aged 73.

Around 1959 Dashrath Manjhi's wife passed from sickness and lack of immediate medical care when there was no way of taking her to the nearest medical centre over the 300 ft high hills. Heartbroken after her death, Manjhi alone resolved to creat a pass so that no one person would have to sufer the fate that his wife did. He sold his goats to purchase chisel, rope and a hammer. This sudden change in his demeanour made him a laughing stock with people who laughed at him, callng him eccentric and crazy.

Unfazed by their remarks, Manjhi hammered away with consistent determination for 22 years. At the end of his arduous labour, he finally came face to face with his dream: the OTHER SIDE OF THE HILL! He shortened the distance from 70kms to just 1 km, 16 ft wide.

Monumental task accomplished after 22 years of toiled hardwork.

Once this task was accomplished, Dashrath Manjhi became known as the Mountain Man. Sadly this amazing man breathed his last on August 18th 2007 after fighting cancer at New Dehli's All India Institute of Medical Sciences and received a proper burial. Dashrath Manjhi, a man who was mocked and ridiculed for his unyielding effort and exceptional energy  leaves behind a legacy of strong will and steel-like determination. Mankind should emulate him as always.

Many thanks to CC Koh for sharing.
Alan CY Kok

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