Monday, 15 April 2013

Unthinkable - One wife for five brothers

Grooms’ sex-rota in one room shack

A young mum told that she has the luxury of marrying five husbands.
They live happily in one-room shack as they believe that sharing is happiness.

The Clan: Rajo Verma with Jay, her son; and from left to right: Sant Ram, Baiju, Gopal, Guddu, and Dinesh. Rajo Verma, 21, the young wife is a picture of blissful contentment. 

Rajo Verma, 21, lives in a one-room shack with all five, sleeping with a different one each night on a rotation basis. The housewife has no idea which one is the father of her toddler child. She said initially it was a bit awkward, but she does not favour one over the other.  Husband Guddu, 21 – the first to make her his bride insisted: We all have sex with her but I’m not jealous. We’re one big happy family. The couple got hitched in an arranged Hindu marriage four years ago and he remains her only official spouse.

The love nest……the single-room shack where the five brothers observe the sex rota with their one wife.

But the custom in their village is that she had to take as husbands besides Guddu among his brothers Baiju, 32, Sant Ram, 28, Gopal, 26, and Dinesh – who married her last year when he turned 18. Eldest brother Baiju said: I consider her my wife and sleep with her like all my brothers do. Rajo cooks, cleans and looks after 18-month-old Jay while her hubbies go out to work in Dehradun, Northern India. She said of the ancient tradition, called polyandry. “My mother was also married to three brothers so when I got wed I knew I had to accept all of them as my husbands. I sleep with them in turn. We don’t have beds, just lots of blankets on the floor. I’ve got lot more attention and love than most wives.

Housewife Rajo cooks, cleans and brings up Jay while her husbands work. 

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